ART.ZIP Issue 14

China and Britain, east in Asia and west in Europe, breed different cultures, beliefs and logics. Geographically, these two distantly parted countries barely seem to connect, let alone closely with each other. However, in their enduring history, in which both countries have been making contributions to humanity, China and Britain have also been exerting profound influences upon each other. Nevertheless, examining each other with their respective coordinates will surely result in totally different understandings from the native ones. With the deepening of globalization and rapid development of information technologies, there are closer co-operations and exchanges between the two powers, yet their distinctive cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking may often come in the way of east-west communication. To ensure win-win on common interests, cultural exchange is the sole means to promote mutual understanding and remove barriers. In this issue, we document both British and Chinese cultural exchange programmes during this year in order to review the pros and cons of cultural exchange policies and their implementations, and discuss in depth the role cultural programmes play in Sino-UK exchanges as a whole.



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