第十二期 ISSUE 12
視覺劇場|Visual Theatre

Theatre in the UK integrates a variety of art forms, deserving great attention and meticulous studies through its prosperity. Alongside the rapid development of technology like multimedia and internet, theatre industry and culture in the UK are constantly evolving. As a publication that is attentive to the development of cultural and creative industry, we review one particular theatrical topic every year. In this issue, we present the development of “visual theatre” in the UK.

Though “visual theatre” has yet been rigorously defined, its conceptualization and practice has become a remarkable topic for all theatre practitioners in the UK. It pertains to the nature of theatre: construction and expression through the visual. It is acknowledged that text, the verbal and the music are still to some the primary components of theatre, so we have taken for this issue the stance of the “alternative”, including discussions of theatrical forms such as mime, puppetry, physical theatre, contemporary circus and so on. We do not deliberately aim for novelty or any wow-effect, but mean to address the significant and subtle influence this “alternative theatre” has on the development of contemporary art and theatre.



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