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Interview with Sun Yi

Interview with Sun Yi By Anna McNay    “As a child, I didn’t understand the definition of being an artist,” says recent Slade graduate, Sun Yi (born 1988), in his typically philosophical manner. “Sometimes there are remains from the ancient past and people call these artworks; then, if they know who made them, these people


Exhibition dates: 14 – 20 September 2015 Candid Arts Trust Gallery 3-5 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ Private view: 16th September Professionals’ reception: 17th September . . ART.ZIP is pleased to announce Sidelines, a solo show by Chinese-born recent Slade graduate Sun Yi, presenting work from several series created throughout his degree, between 2013 and

Into the Waste Land

Text by Zhao Jun(趙均) Director of Oriental Art Department of Nan Kai University 1st August 2015. . Although Sun Yi has just been awarded Master of Fine Arts by Slade School of Fine Art, he has already held many exhibitions in England and Beijing. The footprints of his works are scattered across the world of

Unravelled Connections

Text by Katie Hill   … ‘as lowly as mere objects’ ……“如單純之物一般卑微”   You might ask the question: ‘what is an artwork?’ Start with an everyday object, something you barely notice – a free newspaper left on the tube, a bench, a packet of cigarettes, nails or pieces of debris: wood, wire and string. Small insignificant

Site Replication

Date: 2pm/04/07/2015 Location: Walthamstow Marshes, London Curator: Haili Sun Artist: Haili Sun, Le Guo, Yi Sun, Mu Tian, Jeremy Lee, Lisa Chang Lee “Site Replication” – is the projection and construction of the external environment from the individual consciousness. When the external environment becomes the entire object of ones consciousness, the awareness is not only through passively recording and

08 Stop. Sun Yi’s Solo Exhibition
Suggestive Trajectories

问问自己每天都做了什么,是每天循规蹈矩的活着,还是偶尔也能从循规蹈矩中挖掘出一些趣味儿。 平日里,喝完的汽水罐捏了随手就丢进垃圾桶,看完的报纸集一堆也就称斤卖了,  好像这是我们一出生就既定的习惯。而打破这种习惯的,将一种习惯转换成另一种新的习惯,这就是艺术家孙毅在做的事。 他用生活中最常见的小物——易拉罐和报纸——练习每日的必修课程,即是对艺术家身份的自我说服。其实每位艺术家都会用不同的媒介载体来表达他们的思想,重点不在于用什么素材,而在于表达。在(Can Series)和(Newspaper Series<copy>)中,孙毅探讨了一连串的关系论: 艺术家与艺术家本身的关系 你是艺术家与艺术家的你的关系 人和物的关系 物与物的关系 人与人的关系 人与社会的关系 …… 物无非彼,物无非是(庄子),往往我们想要的总在我们前进方向的背面。这种关系论并没有赏味期限,一听易拉罐和一张报纸,他就可以在每日的重复而又不重复中无限不循环下去。而在他的另一个系列(Sleepless)中,他也是用最普通的纸张与笔描绘自身当前的状态——无眠。 有问他关于此次展览的期待,他说并没有,这个展览算是对自己一年来努力的总结吧。他也表示自己会继续往这个方向走,希望明年还有机会再办一次个展。现在的他正在Slade University of Art深造中,我实在是忍不住要爆料下他最新的战绩: 6月10日,如果你恰好去了Slade图书馆,如果你恰好要赶快截止的论文,如果你恰好在找论文的资料,如果你恰好发现你资料所处的“状态”和以前不同了,那恭喜你,请享受孙毅同学为你的创作。     Suggestive Trajectories Art would itself be conditioned by nonart… – Jacques Derrida What effectively covers and makes unseen Sun Yi as an artist and as perhaps above all an individual, is first and foremost


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