Site Replication

Date: 2pm/04/07/2015
Location: Walthamstow Marshes, London
Curator: Haili Sun
Artist: Haili Sun, Le Guo, Yi Sun, Mu Tian, Jeremy Lee, Lisa Chang Lee

“Site Replication” – is the projection and construction of the external environment from the individual consciousness. When the external environment becomes the entire object of ones consciousness, the awareness is not only through passively recording and reproducing, but actively restructure things, giving the object a new state and significance.

The current creative process of art is satiated with programs and rational productions. Here, artists need to convert the site to follow the intuition of self-guided thinking to break through the conceptual border. Improvisation can stimulate a new vitality and significance.

The Pop up show is artists in an informal space (the field), where they can project their consciousness on the environment. It does away with the traditional gallery way of presentation and product-oriented presentation and function, so the artists can generate a projection that is more intuitive, pure and free. Thus the normal way of expression is almost ineffective, as the improvisation and ‘happenings’ of the artists will rouse their potential and give them a meaning of an experimental sense. “Site Replication” is a more generalized project, which provides a broad and easy attachment point for the different forms of practice of artists, because of  this unlimited space ‘freedom’ becomes unlimited.

地點:Walthamstow Marshes, London

“現場復制” — 是個體意識對外部環境的投射和構建。當外部環境和事物成為意識的對象時,意識不僅是對外界的被動記錄和復制,而是主動地認識和構造事物,從而賦予對象新的狀態和意義。


此次即興展示是藝術家在露天非常規的空間實施在現場意識”反射”的隨性創作形式,它摒棄了傳統畫廊空間的模式化和產品化的呈現方式和功能, 自由地投射藝術家對現場產生的直覺”復制”。由於場地因素,使常態的表述方式幾乎失效,預設方案都將因場地關系產生未知的結果,隨意和偶發性將催生藝術家潛能的蘇醒並賦予了實驗性意義。”現場復制”是一個指向性廣義的課題計劃,這是為不同實踐形式的藝術家提供一個寬泛自由和容易附著的基點,並因為場地的”無限性”而隨心所欲。

藝術家:孫海力 Haili Sun





藝術家:郭洛 Le Guo《賞冰 Appreciating Ice》

Technology brings human beings an unprecedented experience of speed and might, this alter the relationship between man and nature. We are indulging and losing in. This work intends to evoke the transformation from one tangible physical state to another state during time and space (temperature) as a metaphor to reflect the intrinsic flux and transformation of matter and mind.



藝術家:孫毅 Yi Sun《Not Even for You》


藝術家:田牧 Mu Tian《死亡與復蘇 Death Revival》




圖3 藝術家:李培宇 Jeremy Lee 攝影作品《Hay》
藝術家:李昶 Lisa Chang Lee 影像作品《風景的過客 Passengers of Landscape》

My studio in Seven Sisters ,north London, is merely 5 mins walk to the River Lea marsh,where I usually go for running every morning and some times take a walk about sunset.

In this Marshes, you can get some perspective of the city meanwhile it gives a feeling of being in nowhere, a place that can be in France, Italy or wherever you locate. A piece of land belongs to no one, or it is the origin. People, come and go leaving traces of their steps. The traces then are rinsed, taken over again by the power of nature.

Passengers, the video was set as a still scene as I always did in the past works, with the absence of the camera. The audiences gradually captures a tiny figure appearing from the vanishing point revealing itself by walking closer and closer to the frame. By the time when the figure gets closer, informations/identity becomes clearer and inevitablly people start to either judge or try to locate the gender, race, age, etc.  Until it comes extremely close,the images almost brutally shifted to the internal organs getting through the body like a disoriented bizzare as a desolvation to the privious notions, so do the distinguished appearances that are left behind. After a few seconds, the images back to the beginning— a quiet, empty marsh as it is. Loop…

我的工作室就在River Lea田野不远处,每天来这里晨跑,晚上散步。好像置身于“无处”,一片和这个城市没什么关系的原生地,一片可以是法国,意大利或是任何地方的地方。人们来了,又走了,留下痕迹。过不多许再被自然抹去。像自身的存在一样,都早晚会消逝吧,唯有自然永恒。

几秒钟之后,镜头又“穿过”身体,脚步声渐远,画面回到静止的草场,远处树影婆娑,火车仍然划过,像一切都未发生过一样…… 循环。


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