A Symbol of Identity – Interview With Fine Art Student Sun Yi
身份認同 – 採訪藝術生孫毅

TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 x Syndi Huang 黃煥欣

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Most British art colleges provide studio space for their fine arts students to cope with their creative learning and practice. Compared with other types of studios, what is the relationship between arts students’ studios and their creation, and what are those students’ opinions towards the relationship among studio space, studies and arts creativity? To find out an answer, we have an interviewed with Sun Yi, a MA Fine Art student from Slade School of Fine Art to talk about student studio space in UK arts colleges.


ART.ZIP: Would you please tell us how arts colleges, such as Slade School of Fine Art, allocate studios for the students?

ART.ZIP: 可不可以給我們介紹一下,像斯萊德這樣的藝術院校是怎麼給學生分配工作室的呢?

SY: I am not sure about other art colleges, but for my college, students are requested to attend a welcome meeting at the beginning of the semester where teachers will hand out to each student a studio space plan from which students can pick an area that they like. While some students may choose the same area they want, they need to sort out the space by themselves and teachers would not interfere. The students’ choose for space is based on the forms and needs of their creativity, for instance, for those students who tend to create larger scales of artworks, they will choose relatively higher ceiling space, whilst some students prefer space with great natural light. For myself, I have chosen a relatively small space, as my works are in comparatively smaller sizes.

SY: 別的學校怎麼分配我不是很清楚,斯萊德的分配方式是這樣:在學期開始的時候,我們有一個歡迎會,會上老師會給每個同學發一個工作室空間的平面圖,由同學們自己來選擇喜歡的區域和位置,有些時候同一塊工作室空間可能會有幾個同學同時都看中的情況,這種情況下一般都是學生自己私下進行調劑,老師不太干涉。大家選擇工作室空間也都是根據自己的創作形式和工作需要來選擇空間,比如創作比較大尺幅繪畫的同學,會選擇挑高比較高的牆面空間,也有的喜歡光線好的地方,我的作品尺幅都不大,所以我選的工作室空間就比較小。

ART.ZIP: How do students make use of their allocated space? What do you think the difference between arts studios in the UK and those in the mainland China?

ART.ZIP: 那同學們都是怎麼使用他們的空間的呢?會在工作室裡做些什麼?你覺得這邊的學生工作室和國內的有什麼不同呢?

SY: The studios for majority of students in the UK are a state of living and working that are combined together, where they read, chat, paint, sleep, listen to music, and have coffee, etc., which is similar to that of China’s student art studios. With regard to the difference, there are not many students in the UK majoring in fine art paintings and many of them will go to try a variety of other art forms, such as printmaking, installation and sculpture, etc. And the students are from different countries, speaking different languages, which enrich the diversity of cultures and creativity. This learning and working environment in the UK arts colleges is very much different from that in the mainland China.

SY: 大部份同學在工作室里是一種生活狀態和工作狀態混雜的形式,看書、聽音樂、聊天、喝咖啡、畫畫、睡覺,幹什麼的都有,這點和國內的藝術院校工作室區別不是很大。說到區別的話,一方面英國院校里學生從事繪畫的人並不是很多,很多同學也會去各種工作坊車間嘗試版畫、裝置、雕塑等創作方式,而且同學們都來自不同國家,說不同的語言,在創作和文化的多樣性上非常豐富;這種學習和工作環境與中國院校的學生工作室有很大不同。

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ART.ZIP: In terms of your personal learning and creativity, what is the relationship between you and the school studio space?

ART.ZIP: 那對你個人的學習和創作來說,學校的工作室和你之間的關係是怎麼樣的呢?

SY: Personally, the school studio space is not particularly significant to me, because on the one hand, I do relatively smaller artworks, and on the other hand, my creation is not necessarily in need of a particular studio space to engage in. The studios that the school provides for students are merely passive space allocated for students in a temporary period of time. And the school’s activity arrangement such as exhibitions and summer short courses often affects our use of the studio space. Therefore, I don’t really like the studio space that the school has offered. It is only in the case I have a clear work plan and objective that I will go there, otherwise I prefer to go to the library or café for reading, or do paintings at home. The studio for me is just a symbol of identity as an art student hence assigned with a specific space.


ART.ZIP: Do you have any ideal studio space in your mind?

ART.ZIP: 你心目中有沒有一個比較理想化的工作室空間的構想?

SY: It has to come with a large table where I can practice calligraphy and ink painting, since in the past I have been receiving training in these two areas, and they have become an indispensable part of my life. But this does not count into the space of art practice, but for leisure and fun only. Besides, there should be a place for drinking tea, preferably with a small bed where I can lie down whenever feeling tired. Ideally the studio is a factory-like open space with the possibilities of various creativity and experiment, which may be in a cluttered condition, nevertheless, I don’t mind it shows the sign of life in the studio, but the areas for work, relax and living should be accordingly divided.


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