The Beauty of Silence 大音希聲

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Modern physical theatre is first and foremost influenced by mime and contemporary dance. Presently, an exact, clear definition of the physical theatre is still called for. To the audience, however, the rich, unconventional body movements bring the physical theatre onto the border between contemporary dance and conventional theatre. It is exactly this unmarked border of ambiguity that profoundly inspires creators.

In the history of contemporary drama, many masterpieces were born out of the coupling of drama and physical theatre. Today, a handful of companies – including the formidable Complicite, DV8 and Kneehigh- base their productions heavily on the tradition of physical theatre, and in turn contribute to it with their unique practices.

現代形體劇場受到默劇和當代舞蹈的影響較為深刻。關於形體劇場的定義,至今仍然處於非常模糊的階段。但是在觀眾看來,那些身體的韻律,那些豐富而不拘於章法的運動,正是肢體劇場遊走於當代舞蹈和一般劇場之間的疆界。正是這種難以確定的範圍,激發了創造者濃郁的創作靈感 。



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