Bill Viola / Michelangelo: Life, Death, Rebirth



This exhibition pairs Bill Viola’s powerful installations with rarely-seen drawings by Michelangelo. Journey through the cycle of life in our immersive and unparalleled show.


Michelangelo is best known for the Sistine Chapel and for his large sculptures. Yet his smaller, more intimate drawings take us closer to the spiritual and emotional power of his work. They were created for his private use, or as gifts of love, and would soon become known as “drawings the likes of which was never seen”.

In 2006, the pioneering video artist Bill Viola saw a collection of these works at Windsor Castle. He was moved by their ability to convey fundamental human experiences and emotions, and by Michelangelo’s use of the body to give shape to spirituality.


Viola’s large-scale video installations are likewise works of profound emotional impact. They combine sound and moving image to create absorbing works which slow us down and invite us to experience and reflect. These works are shown alongside Michelangelo drawings, which are on display in the UK for the first time in almost a decade.

This exhibition – created in close collaboration with Bill Viola Studio – is a unique opportunity to experience two artists, born centuries apart, in a new light.

All ticket prices include £2.50 for a printed gallery guide.

Exhibition organised by the Royal Academy of Arts, London in partnership with Royal Collection Trust and with the collaboration of Bill Viola Studio.


Please note 
Some works in this exhibition have flashing lights, and others contain nudity. Please ask a member of staff for more information.




每日10am— 6pm





“比爾·維奧拉、米開朗琪羅:生、死、重生”是壹次另觀者體驗浸入式生命循環的展覽,它探討了人類存在的證據及意義,和重生的可能性。開場便提出了展覽的核心命題:生命中所存在的死亡證據。如米開朗琪羅作品中的聖母和聖子,他強調了耶穌的人性和瑪利亞對於她孩子死亡的悲劇性意識;和維奧拉三屏影像作品《Nantes Triptych》中,女人生育嬰孩的過程,昏暗燈光中的漂浮人像,及維奧拉母親死亡的瞬間。維奧拉表示:“正式我們對自身死亡的意識,定義了我們作為人的人性。”





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