Beyond Boundaries


11th March – 2nd April

3 月 12 日—4 月 2 日

West Wing Galleries Somerset House The Strand
London. WC2R 1LA

英国伦敦萨默塞特宫(Somerset House) WC2R 1LA

Beyond Boundaries is an exhibition of work by 24 artists of international renown with close working associations to two of the most important art institutions in the world; the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (CAFA) and the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London. Timed to celebrate the centenary of CAFA, Beyond Boundaries highlights the historic contribution these two great organisations have made in nurturing artistic vision, arts education and the role of artists as educators.

The Exhibition features recent work, ranging from painting to sculpture and to new digital media, by leading names in British and Chinese art; including Liu Xiaodong, Phyllida Barlow, Sui Jianguo, Dryden Goodwin, Xu Bing and Lisa Milroy. Co-curated by CAFA’s Guo Xiaohui and Andrew Stahl, Professor of Fine Art at the Slade, with artistic direction by Zhang Zikang, Director of the CAFA Art Museum, Beyond Boundaries is a dynamic sample of current artistic practice in China and the UK.

The arts have traditionally played a vital part in the cross-cultural exchange and during a time when the art discourse is evermore international. Beyond Boundaries focuses on the work of leading artists who have played a fundamental role as educators in both China and the UK and this exhibition opens up this process up to a wider audience. Professor Andrew Stahl states: ‘as teachers and artists we want to communicate the excitement of making art and encourage students to pursue their own individual visions while providing them with access to contemporary discourse; the Slade presents their students with a giant argument about what contemporary art should be’.

Beyond Boundaries acknowledges the differences of educational approach that are characteristic of both institutions – as well as the artistic excellence they exemplify. Chief Curator, Guo Xiaohui states: ‘through exhibiting individual artists’ responses to current social, environmental and political influences, this show is an artwork in itself. It is a very exciting and rare opportunity to witness high-quality art practice that will ultimately encourage a dialogue of exchange.’

Beyond Boundaries reveals the shared artistic vision and the mutual concerns of the artist despite the different cultural characteristics and histories in the impressive range of art on view. Outwardly distinct, the work of Su Xinping (Vice President of CAFA) and Kieren Reed (Slade Director) is connected by a shared interest in place and environment, expressed as sweeping landscapes in Xinping’s monumental paintings and as the conceptual installation in the sculptural works of Reed.

The eternal versatility of painting is explored in this exhibition by artists including Yu Hong, Lisa Milroy, Andrew Stahl and Liu Xiaodong. Stahl’s large, vibrant canvases are personal reflections, conveying the dislocation experienced by the artist whilst exploring South East Asia. Hong’s subtle paintings offer a female perspective on Chinese society and a contemporary interpretation of the Chinese tradition of painting on silk. Xiaodong is one of the most celebrated painters in the world today, creating monumental paintings which ‘serve as a kind of history painting for the emerging world’ whilst dramatically expand the scope of observational work; even deploying the painting machine of his recent series, ‘Weight of Insomnia’.

Making full use of the atmospheric spaces of Somerset House, sculpture and installation are represented in the work of artists including, Sui Jianguo, Enrico David Zhan Wang and Phyllida Barlow. Barlow, as well as being an internationally renowned artist, is widely recognised for her important influence on a whole generation of artists through her teaching at the Slade, including former students, Rachel Whiteread and Angela de la Cruz.

New, time-based and experimental digital media – and the intersection between these and more traditional forms – is used by several of the artists in Beyond Boundaries. Dryden Goodwin’s installations begin with an intricate observational drawing which he then ‘layers’ with the use of photography and video. At the forefront of exploring the potential offered by new and experimental technology in his role as a tutor at the School of Experimental Art at CAFA, Wang Yuyang’s work explores the use and impact of technology in relation to the ancient traditions which form the bedrock of Chinese society.

What conclusions can be made from the rich offering of art from China and the UK, CAFA and the Slade, presented at Beyond Boundaries? Chief Curator, Guo Xiaohui suggests, ‘all art is a conversation, a dialogue between diverse histories, cultures and viewpoints. Art celebrates difference and creates a space where we can come together and understand better where we have come from – and where we would like to go’.

Chief Curator, Xiaohui Guo is an independent curator based in London. Between 2010 and 2014, Xiaohui attended London’s Goldsmith College and completed two MAs: Art &Politics, and Cultural Studies. Over the past ten years, she has worked extensively in the arts, gaining invaluable knowledge and curatorial experience in museums, galleries, art publishing and educational institutions. Since establishing her curatorial practice XH Projects in London in 2016, she initiated and directed successful exhibitions across Europe and Asia.

As an independent curator with interest in Art & Politics, Xiaohui’s primary focus is to produce innovative and meaningful exhibitions which bring together art from China & the West. In addition to curating, Xiaohui has also written for periodicals and museum catalogues, as well as organising artist workshops and residencies across the globe.

Co-Curator Andrew Stahl is Professor of Fine Art and Head of Undergraduate Painting at the Slade. His work focuses primarily on painting and sculpture. Andrew has exhibited frequently in the UK and widely across Europe, Asia and America. He has received many awards including the Abbey Rome Scholarship and the Wingate scholarship for travel in South East Asia. He has also participated in public-funded residencies in Thailand, China, Australia and Sri Lanka. His exhibitions have been frequently discussed in international newspapers and art journals and his works are in many private and public collections both in the UK and abroad, including the Arts Council England, the British Council, the Government Art Collection, the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

He has both curated and participated in the Monologue Dialogue series including in 2017 in London. Recent exhibitions include the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018/2019 and 2019 Only Connect Osaka, Japan. In 2019 his work will be shown in a solo exhibition at the Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE

Artistic Director, Zhang Zikang is a highly experienced artist, curator, publisher and art museum expert. He is currentlytheDirectorandcuratorofCAFAArtMuseumandwasthe vice-directoroftheNationalArtMuseum in China. His previous posts and responsibilities include; Vice-Director of the Ministry of Culture in Xinjiang Province, Head of the National Arts & Culture Publishing Group, President of the National Institute for Research in the Arts, President of National Information for Arts Research, Vice-President of The Museum of National Arts Research Institute, Director of Today Art Museum Beijing, Chief Editor for Art of the East, Art Today magazine and Director of Ya-Song Arts of He Bei Educational Publishing House.

CAFA, The Central Academy of Fine Arts, was originally founded in 1918 as part of the Peking National Art Institution during the era of the Republic of China (1912-49). In 1950 it merged with China Northern Academy’s art departments. It is now considered one of China’s most prestigious art institutions. CAFA continues to contribute and influence Chinese art education and, more recently, a wider international art community. The current president is Fan Di’an. Current Vice President is a renowned artist, Su Xinpin.

There are eight schools under CAFA: School of Chinese Painting, School of Fine Art, School of Design, School of Architecture, School of Humanities, School of Experimental Arts, College of City Design and School of Continuing Education. There are 534 teachers and staffs for 3,800 undergraduate and graduate students, and over 100 international students at the school. CAFA edits publish and distribute two national first-class academic magazines, “Fine Arts Study” and “Fine Arts of the World”.

The New CAFA Art Museum, designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, is located at the northeast corner of CAFA campus at No.8, Huajiadi Nan Street, Wangjing, covering an area of 3546 m2, with the total floor area of 14 777 m2. The new, six-floor museum has several notable collections, including over 2,000 historic Chinese scroll paintings dating to the Ming Dynasty.

The Slade School of Fine Art is a department in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University College of London (UCL). The Slade is consistently ranked as one of the UK’s top arts educational institutions. They will be celebrating their 150th Anniversary in 2021. The has always been at the forefront in developments in contemporary art and has produced numerous world-renowned artists. Alumni include Tacita Dean, Michael Andrews, Rachel Whiteread, Christopher Lebrun, Edwardo Palazzi, Paula Rego, Martin Creed, Stanley Spencer, Mona Hatoum, Eddie Peake, Spartacus Chetwynd, Douglas Gordon and Cecily Brown.

Somerset House is one of the city’s most spectacular and well-loved spaces. Somerset House is a new kind of arts centre in the heart of London, designed for today’s audiences, artists and creatives – an inspirational community where contemporary culture is imagined, created and experienced. As well as welcoming over 3million visitors annually, Somerset House houses the largest and most diverse creative communities in the country and in 2016 we launched Somerset House Studios – a new experimental workspace connecting artists, makers and thinkers with audiences.


《超越边界》是一个有关 24 位国际知名艺术家们的作品联展,参展艺术家们来自并执教于世界上两个最重要的美术学院:北京中央美术学院及英国伦敦大学学院斯莱德美术学院。恰逢中央美术 学院建校 100 周年,斯莱德美术学院建校 150 周年,此展览的举办亦是庆祝这两大美术院校在 艺术教育方面所作出的杰出的历史性贡献。

该展览聚焦于展示英国和中国艺术界知名艺术家包括刘小东,Phyllida Barlow,隋建国,Dryden Goodwin,徐冰及 Lisa Milroy 的近期作品,涵盖了从绘画到雕塑以及新的数字媒体等艺术形式。超越边界是中国和英国当前艺术实践的动态样本,由中央美术学院美术馆馆长张子康担任艺术总监,独立策展人郭小晖和来自 Slade 的艺术家 Andrew Stahl 共同策划。

传统上,艺术在跨文化交流中起着至关重要的作用,尤其在艺术话语越来越国际化的今天,这也是一个较好的时机去关注在两国既是重要的教育者又是领先的艺术家的作品,并将这一过程向更 广泛的受众开放。Andrew Stahl 表示“作为教师和艺术家,我们希望传达创作艺术的激情,当为学生提供当代话语时,鼓励他们追求自己的个人视角。”斯莱德向学生们展示了一个关于当代 艺术应该是什么的开放式讨论。

《超越边界》呈现出两所学院间固有的教学方法以及他们所体现的艺术卓越性的差异。首席策展人郭小晖表示,“这个展览通过展示个体艺术家对当前社会、环境和政治的反应,展览本身就像是 一件艺术作品。这也是一个令人兴奋和难得的机会去见证高质量以及鼓励交流对话的艺术实践。”

虽然我们可能会在《超越边界》中寻找差异和文化特征,但在一种实践视野中,这种既定印象也往往来自共同的愿景和关注。苏新平(中央美术学院副院长)和 Kieren Reed(斯莱德美术学院院 长)的作品虽外部形式不同,但由于对地理和环境的共同兴趣联系在一起,在苏新平的纪念性绘 画中表现为一览无余的风景,在 Reed 的雕塑作品中表现为观念性装置。

喻红、Lisa Milroy,、Andrew Stahl 及刘小东等艺术家也探索了绘画永恒的多样性,Stahl 的大型、充满活力的画面展示个人的反思,也传达艺术家在探索东南亚时所经历的错位。喻红微妙的画作提供了一个关于中国社会的女性视角以及对中国丝绸画传统的当代诠释。刘小东作为世界知名艺术家,他所创作的写生绘画也是“作为新兴世界的一种历史绘画”,同时大大扩展了艺 术探索的范围,甚至在他最近的系列“失眠的重量”中,艺术家开始尝试采用机器来绘画。

雕塑和装置作品不仅充分利用萨默塞特宫的空间,也呈现在包括隋建国、Enrico David、展望以 及 Phyllida Barlow 等艺术家的作品中。Barlow 作为一名国际知名的艺术家,也因其在斯莱德教学中对一整代艺术家的重要影响而广受认可,包括其之前的学生 Rachel Whiteread(1993 透纳奖获得者)以及 Angela de la Cruz(2010 年透纳奖获得者)。

新兴的、基于时间性和实践性的数字媒体以及他们与更为传统形式之间的交叉重叠也被此次展览 的一些艺术家所采用。Dryden Goodwin 的装置以复杂精密而闻名,再利用摄影和录像进行分层。王郁洋作为中央美术学院实验艺术学院的教师,也站在探索新技术潜力的最前沿,他的多数 作品试图探讨科技在构成中国社会基石的古代传统和当代的关系以及使用和影响。


Andrew Stahl 表示“该展览是发展跨文化话语的绝佳机会,而跨文化话语也恰恰是理解当代艺 术的重要组成部分。《超越边界》的标题不仅可以指代跨文化的重要性,也可以指代一种观念即: 艺术可以扩展一个人对世界的看法。

《超越边界》对公众免费开放,展览将展出 12 位来自中央美术学院的艺术家:冯梦波、耿雪、刘 小东、丘挺、邱志杰、苏新平、隋建国、唐晖、王郁洋、徐冰、喻红及展望的作品,以及 12 位来自斯莱德美术学院的艺术家:Phyllida Barlow, Kate Bright, Susan Collins, Enrico David, Dryden Goodwin, Neil Jeffries, Lisa Milroy, Jayne Parker, Kieren Reed, Karin Ruggaber, Andrew Stahl and Phoebe Unwin 的作品。


Edited & Translated by Qiwen Ke
編輯 x 翻譯:柯淇雯