Can Chinese Puppetry and shadow
Puppetry be Contemporary?
木偶 、皮影可以當代嗎?

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Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education 

“Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education” has been set up in 2002 after renaming from “Ming Ri Theatre Company”. Having experienced different stage of attempt — the amateur drama group “Anonymity Dramatic Club” in 1984 and Hong Kong’s first professional children theatre company “Ming Ri Theatre Company” in 1996, the institute has been developed to a non-profit-making charitable organization emphasizing the importance of both arts and education in the 21st century.

We deeply believe that the art of drama is a key element to cultivate creativity, ability of problem solving, abstract thinking and the sense of cooperation. All these are the characteristics of a “all-rounded person”.

Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education provides services about arts and education through her subordinate organizations which are: Kidstheater website, QTN website, VPS website, “Ming Ri Theatre”, “Arts Education Centre”, “Puppet School”, “International Puppetry Arts Exchange Centre”.

明日藝術教育機構概覽 明日藝術教育機構於2002年正式改名成立。機構經歷了1984年“佚 名”年代的業餘劇社、1996年為香港首個全職從事兒童劇藝的“明 日劇團”等不同時期的探索,至今發展成一個以藝術和教育並重的 二十一世紀非盈利社會服務機構。我們深信,戲劇藝術提供了創意 培養、解困能力、抽象思維、與人合作能力等全人建立的獨特功能, 這正好成為二十一世紀教育改革所需元素的環境支援。

明日藝術教育機構通過旗下不同成員提供藝術和教育服務。他們分 別是:Kidstheater網站、QTn網站、VPS網站、《明日劇團》、《藝術教 育中心》、《戲偶學院》及《國際戲偶藝術交流中心》。


Mr. Simon Tim-Keung Wang

Wong Tim-keung is the Director and one of the founding directors of Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education. A theatre practitioner since 1983, he worked with the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, then the School of Technical Arts of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Theatre Workshop. Outside his office hours, he and a group of like-minded theatre practitioners founded the Anonymity Theatre with the mission of exploring and addressing social needs through theatrical arts. Under his initiative, the group became one of the first full- time professional theatre companies enjoying autonomy in Hong Kong. Today it has become an institution geared to providing arts education for children and family audiences. For more than two decades, Wong has been dedicated to the development of children’s theatre, drama in education, and the preservation and development of puppetry. He was awarded an Asian Cultural Council grant in 1993 to go on attachment in the USA to study the development of children’s theatre. It was followed by another grant from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) in 1997 to study arts education and puppet theatre in the USA. He was presented with the Drama Practitioner Annual Achievement Award by the HKADC in 1999 for his contribution to theatre-in-education and children’s theatre in Hong Kong. In 2008, Wong was elected to be a member of the Executive Committee of UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette), a non-governmental organisation affiliated to UNESCO. The appointment made him the first ever ethnic Chinese to be elected to such a post since UNIMA was founded in 1929. He is armed with the mission of serving as a bridge between the puppet art of China and the West.

At present, he is the Vice President of the China Puppetry and Shadow Arts Association and serves on the Advisory Council of the Center for Child Development of the Hong Kong Baptist University. He is also a part-time lecturer in “Creative Drama”, an elective course for in-service teachers, in the School of Continuing Education of the Hong Kong Baptist University.

王添強 香港明日藝術教育機構總監、創團董事。自八三年起,先後任職香港話劇團、香港演藝學院科藝學院及舞臺工作間等,並以業餘時 間與一群有志於通過戲劇文化探討和回應社會需求的舞臺藝術工作者創立《佚名劇團》,其後更帶領機構成為香港首批全職的自 主劇團、並發展成兒童及其家庭為觀眾對象的藝術教育機構。王添強二十年來致力推動兒童劇藝、教育戲劇、木偶保存及發展工 作。九三年獲亞洲文化協會獎學金赴美國考察兒童劇的發展。九七年獲香港藝術發展局資助,再次赴美國考察有關藝術教育及木 偶劇藝。九九年獲香港藝術發展局頒發“戲劇藝術工作者年獎”,以表揚其對教育戲劇及兒童劇藝的貢獻。王添強更於2012年連任 為聯合國教科文屬下組織——國際木偶聯會(unima)自1929年成立以來的首位華人執行委員,以及當選成為國際木偶聯會木 偶教育、發展及治療委員會主席及遺產委員會副主席,以肩負中西方木偶藝術界別的橋樑。王添強現擔任公職包括:中國木偶皮 影學會副會長、香港浸會大學兒童發展研究中心顧問等。王添強現時亦受聘於香港浸會大學持續進修學院在職教師學位課程之“ 創作性戲劇”選修科導師。

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