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Chinese contemporary art continues to remain ‘hot’. Perhaps pulverized by some of the political controversy that has arisen as a result of some of China’s outspoken artists, this region’s contemporary art has fascinated and intrigued collectors around the world. As the frenzy for collectors to own a contemporary Chinese work remains high, prices for established contemporary Chinese artists continue to soar, and the demand and appetite for new Chinese art continue to escalate. Indeed, in the world’s largest international art centre of London, many galleries have acknowledged this exciting trend, and one can often find one or two Chinese contemporary artists amongst any London gallery’s portfolio of British and international artists.

Interestingly, however, perhaps since the downturn of 2008, there was not a single gallery in London that specialized specifically in this niche market of contemporary Chinese art. Across London there are plenty of dealers in ancient Chinese art, and perhaps one or two who deal in a combination of ancient Chinese art and modern Chinese art, but not one gallery in London focused purely on this important space.

This was the case until Ms. Shanyan Fok, founder and managing director of Hua Gallery, identified the gap in the market, and recently opened, in early 2011, the only gallery in London specializing in contemporary Chinese art.

也許是由於一些政治力量的推動和個別“敢講” 的中國藝術家,中國當代藝術持續升溫,吸引着來自世界各地的收藏家並讓他們深深着迷。由於這批狂熱收藏家的存在,中國當代藝術作品的價格節節攀升,對於中國當代藝術的興趣和需求也同步上升。事實上,在倫敦這個世界上最大的國際藝術中心,許多畫廊都關注着這個令人興奮的趨勢,不少畫廊的藝術家資料裡也都會找到一個或兩個中國當代藝術家的名字。



With the word ‘Hua’, meaning ‘to paint’, or ‘a painting’, in Chinese, Hua Gallery introduces the global art scene to new and stimulating works by emerging contemporary
Chinese artists, as well as Chinese artists who may be locally established but not as yet “discovered” or renowned internationally.

Located in the prestigious residential development of the Albion Riverside (designed by Foster and Partners), Hua Gallery is a timely addition to the London art scene, injecting it with splash of raw, fresh, innovative and inspiring Chinese contemporary works.

The art is chosen specifically by Hua Gallery’s founder Ms. Shanyan Fok, for their artistic individuality and creative energy, and are meant to inspire and excite audiences in London and worldwide. Artists currently signed up by Hua Gallery include abstract contemporary artist Han Zhongren, Buddhist and spiritual artist Yi Xuan, atmospheric installation artist Beili Liu, and contemporary landscape artist Yang Guang, amongst many others.

“Hua”,對應的中文字是“畫”,有“作畫”或“畫作” 的意思。落址在泰晤士河旁高檔住宅區阿爾比恩河畔(Albion Riverside)的Hua畫廊詣在給全球藝壇介紹新興的中國當代藝術家̶̶那些 在國內已經有所建樹,但是還未被國際藏家發現的藝術新星。


With a full and exciting exhibition schedule over the next twelve months, Hua Gallery will exhibit a range of diverse contemporary artistic mediums including oil, works on paper, sculpture, installation, photography, jewellery design, and even introducing contemporary dance as an extension to the works of art.

Hua Gallery’s current Summer Exhibition features a variety of vibrant and colourful works
of Chinese contemporary art from the gallery’s own collection. One artist whose works dominate the exhibition is Han Zhongren. Born in 1962, Han Zhongren is acknowledged as an abstract contemporary artist in China whose inspirational works surround issues of social responsibility in contemporary society. The works offer an explosion of colour, which have the ability to shock and delight the eye. Beneath the rhythm of the gestural brush strokes and the aura of the colour, lies a universal message centered on the complex relationship between Man and Nature. Han Zhongren’s work has been exhibited and acquired by several museums across China; this exhibition at Hua Gallery will be the artist’s international premier.


目前Hua畫廊展出的是永久藏品系列。這一多姿多彩並充滿活力的系列以韓中人的抽象藝術作品為主導。於1962年出生的韓中人被公認為中國極其優秀的當代抽象藝術家,他的作品用色蘊含著極大的精神能量,視覺上也非常悅目, 主題環繞在當代社會責任問題上,非常有衝擊力,而具有強烈韻律感的筆觸則呈現了人與自然之間的複雜關係。韓中人在Hua畫廊的展覽是其在國際上一次重要的亮相,他的作品同時也在中國國家博物館展出。

Yi Xuan, a Buddhist contemporary artist, has already made his debut at Hua Gallery, as its first solo exhibition artist. Yi Xuan’s paintings are meditative, raw and spiritual; they maintain a moderate tension between order and disorder. The artist emphasizes the process of painting and the dualities of the universe in his paintings, from the struggles between life and death, body and soul, enlightenment and darkness.

Yang Guang, whose works also feature in the gallery’s Summer Exhibition, is a contemporary Chinese painter whose works display a nostalgic and haunting re-creation of the artist’s memory.

Hua Gallery will open an exhibition featuring works by Kuan Ching Mediha Ting. Ting uses images boldly and outrageously to search for an identity, stretch across cultural boundaries, and pour out memories. Her paintings are full of colour, movement, fluidity and layering which express an exotic and nomadic character. During the week of Asian Art in London in November, Hua Gallery will host an evening allowing for a contemporary Chinese dancer to interact amongst Ting’s works, and perform a choreography that is inspired by and that will act as an extension to Ting’s art.

In March 2012, Hua Gallery introduced to London for the first time the atmospheric installation works by Beili Liu, whose works explore and respond to the poetic possibilities of quotidian materials; the pieces look at transformation, time lapse and fragility and speak of complex and delicate human connections. The site-specific installations transfix energy, responding to space or location by chance. The sensual exhibitions involve suspended materials, which appear to hang freely in space. Her works can be tender and dreamlike, possessing a mesmerising nature.

Just beginning to play a large role in the promotion of Chinese contemporary art in London’s international art scene, Hua Gallery’s unique exhibitions should not be missed.


伊玄,當代佛教藝術家,是Hua畫廊第一個開幕個展的藝術家。伊玄的繪畫透露着一種寧靜, 具有強烈的獨創性和啓發性,探討話題包括有序和無序、宇宙的二元性、生命和死亡、身體和靈魂、以及黑暗和啓蒙之間的鬥爭。

楊光的作品也在Hua畫廊的夏季展覽中展出, 他的作品呈現了一種特殊的懷舊情懷和對童年記憶的追溯。

倫敦亞洲藝術週期間,Hua畫廊將公開展出 Kuan Ching Mediha Ting的作品。她通過對圖象和顏色的大膽使用來尋找自己的文化身份, 顏色的流動感和層次感使她的作品富有濃郁的異國情調,而畫作裡則蘊涵著許多關於自身記憶和跨文化的思考。


2012年3月,Hua畫廊引進了劉北立的大型裝置藝術。她的作品夢幻、迷人、富有詩意,有着讓 人難以忘懷的力量,探索着時間空間的複雜性和人與人之間的微妙聯繫。



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