London Design Festival celebrates a Decade of Design

Text and images by courtesy of London Design Festival

圖文提供: 倫敦設計節

14.09.2012 – 23.09.2012

 “From our sleek and fabulous New Bus for London to the iconic golden beauty of the Olympic torch, the design industry is a crucial part of London’s vibrancy as well as its success and future prosperity. That is why I am delighted to be backing the London Design Festival, which is an unrivalled showcase of some of the best creative ideas from the UK and around the world.”

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

This September, the London Design Festival, one of the most important events on the global design calendar, marks its tenth anniversary. Conceived by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans, the Festival was originally designed to pay tribute to the capital’s creativity and innovation; ten years later, this aim has been achieved beyond all expectations. “It is especially exciting to be staging the 10th London Design Festival in September during the year of the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee,” says John Sorrell. “Over the last 10 years, we have grown the Festival across the world’s creative capital and this year, the Festival will be better than ever as we join in the celebrations and put the spotlight on design.”

Since 2003, the Festival has been responsible for showcasing a range of exciting and ambitious projects, from installations in London’s public spaces to commissioned projects, highlighting emerging talent, in museums and galleries.  Year on year, the Festival has evolved and developed in terms of its partners and its audience with 2011 seeing over 300 separate events and projects in London as part of the ten-day celebration.  For 2012, a year when the global spotlight is firmly on London, the Festival is delighted to present a programme that will more than equal the quality, imagination and innovation that it has demonstrated for the last decade. “The London Design Festival continues to present design in new ways to an ever expanding audience. We stay ahead by being different and more relevant each year,” saysBen Evans, Director of London Design Festival.

14.09.2012 – 23.09.2012

“從我們時髦的倫敦新巴士到標誌性的倫敦奧運火炬,設計產業是倫敦充滿活力的象徵,同時也是倫敦創意產業成功和繁榮前景的重要組成部分。正因為如此,我非常高興能夠支持倫敦設計節,這是一個無與倫比的機會來展示英國和全世界最傑出的設計。”—倫敦市長鮑里斯·約翰遜(Boris Johnson)。

今年九月,倫敦設計節迎來了它的十歲生日,當初由約翰·索瑞爾爵士(Sir John Sorrell)和本·埃文斯(Ben Evans)創立的倫敦設計節經過十年的發展,已經成為了全球設計界最為重要的活動之一,它所取得的成就遠遠超出了所有人的預期。

“能在奧運年同時也是英女王登記60年慶典的時候迎來倫敦設計節第十年慶典是一件讓人極為振奮的事情。” 約翰·索瑞爾爵士說,“今年的設計節將比以往任何一屆都要更為出色。”



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