Marc Quinn: Under the Skin (1)
馬克·奎恩:皮相之下 (上)

CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, will present a selection of the work of the acclaimed British artist Marc Quinn this March. One of the leading artists of his generation, Quinn’s work explores recurring themes of art and science; the human body; emotion; and the perception of beauty. For the artist’s first solo museum exhibition in China, works have been drawn from across his 30-year career and from multiple series, exploring his enduring interest in identity.

北京中央美術學院美術館將於今年三月展出著名英國藝術家馬克・奎恩(Marc Quinn)的一系列作品。作為同時代中最具代表性的藝術家之一,奎恩的作品不斷反復探索了藝術與科學、人體、情感以及對美的認知的主題。“馬克・奎恩:皮相之下”是藝術家首個在中國的美術館級的展覽,此次將帶來奎恩跨越三十年藝術生涯中的多個系列作品,研究他長期關註的身份認同的主題。

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