新 寫 作: 一種對當下的琢磨


專訪布什劇場文學部 洛伯·德拉姆爾

Bush Theatre is based in the old Shepherd’s Bush Public Library, just right cross the road from Shepherd’s Bush Market Tube Station. In the later interview, we found that those young people, holding their computers thoughtfully and discussing warmly, in the library on the first floor might be the rising stars of Bush Theatre.

Rob Drummer is Associate Dramaturg in the theatre. He graduated from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. He was one of the first recipients of an Artists’ International Development Fund from the Arts Council and British Council, travelling to South Africa to collaborate. Although Rod is very young, there have been several directed or written by him on the stage in London.

布什劇場(Bush Theatre)就座落在謝菲爾德布什市場(Shepherd’s Bush Market)地鐵站的斜對面,在原來的謝菲爾德布什社區圖書館 (Shepherd’s Bush Public Library)裡。在後來的采訪中,我們才 知道劇場一層的圖書室裡那些抱著電腦若有所思、或者三五成群圍坐 討論的年輕人,也許正是布什劇場的明日之星。

我們的受訪對象洛伯·德拉姆爾是劇場的文學編劇。他畢業於皇家中 央演講和戲劇學院(Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London),曾受英国藝術委員会(Arts Council)的資助前 往南非開展新寫作計劃,雖然年紀輕輕,已有好幾部由他擔任編劇或者 導演的作品被搬上倫敦的舞臺。






PI: Our special issue this time focuses on an introduction of “New Writing”. Many of our readers in China are not familiar with the difference between “New Writing” and “New Play”. We hope to introduce the British theatre culture to Chinese audience, as well as to find more opportunities of international cooperation in the field of new writing.

RD: There is a new real interest in this country about looking
at East Asian writers and narratives, and trying to explore more
of their works on British stages. I have started to do an early
work with a Chinese British writer who is curating a group of writers (now at least 30) at Young Vic. At Bush theatre, a part
of Shepherd’s Bush, we are trying to look at the diversity of
this community in a contemporary way. In the coming years,
we are looking at more diversified works and putting them on stage, including new writing works from non-English speaking countries. I think we (certainly in the UK and London) have the responsibility of putting more diversity on stage, responding to contemporary culture. I am excited about your project, just by talking with Chinese audiences about theatre, about new writing. The form of new writing hopefully might become a way of storytelling, about the life we are living through. So this is Great.

At Bush, international work becomes a huge part of our ambitions here. This is inspired by the community. If you walk down the Bush Market, you would understand what and who the community is. We are willing to develop works by local writers
of Shepherd’s Bush, as well as national writhers from across the UK, international writers. The three-week Radar festival is a good example. This year there is a production from Spain, a new South African play, and there are also stories about the local community.

PI: 我們新一期的雜誌專門探討“新寫作”話題,主要讀者是中國的戲劇 觀眾。我們希望中國觀眾有更多地機會了解和參與英國的戲劇文化。也 希望能就新寫作方面探討國際合作的可能。

RD: 當然。在英國,目前有一個新的方向是對東亞作家及其作品的關注。 我們非常願意了解更多來自非英語國家的、亞洲文化背景的作品。也願意 和中國的觀眾探討英國的戲劇。新寫作這種關註當下的戲劇文化,也許可 以在未來的中國成為講述故事的新形式。

布什劇場推行的新寫作文化,是國際的新寫作;來自國際的作品是我們工 作中重要的一環。例如我們馬上到來的“雷達(Radar)”戲劇節,就既有當 地社區的作品,又有來自南非、西班牙等世界各地的寫作新秀。

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