The Suit 外套

As one of the most important theater masters in the second half of the 20th century, Peter Brook never separates his theater theory with practice. In China, Peter Brook is usually known via his theory, or through pirated video that are extremely difficult to purchase; and his name has been closely related with keywords as “empty space” and “theater environments”. In Europe, his theater practice has never stopped. Audience in London is lucky to see his work The Suit this year. It is a new interpretation of his own work Le Costume created in 1999. The story begins in the dusty heat of a 1950s South African township, a young worker returns home and finds his wife in bed with her lover. The lover escapes, leaving behind his suit. In revenge, the husband instructs his wife to treat the suit as an honored guest. Surprisingly, his wife falls in love with this suit eventually, for her endurance of this cruel and pitiless punishment is limited. In the performance, minimalist properties are used and diverse music is applied, from Schubert’s music to African folk songs, which helps to tell this simple, absurd story in a beautiful and sad way.

彼得•布魯克(Peter Brook)被譽為20世紀下半葉最重要的劇場 大師,他的劇場理論和實踐從未分離。在中國,認識彼得•布魯克 更多的是因為他的理論,又或者是通過極為難購的盜版電影,他 的名字已經和“空的空間(Empty Space)”“環境劇場(Theatre Environments)”這些關鍵詞形成了緊密的一體。但是在歐洲的舞 臺上,老先生的戲劇實踐並沒有停止,因此,倫敦的觀眾們有幸在 今年觀看了這一部作品《外套(The Suit)》。這是一部根據布魯 克1999年的作品Le Costume重新演繹出來的新版本。在20世紀 50年代的一個炎熱落後的南非小鎮,一個年輕的工人返回家裡, 發 現 妻 子 與 她 的 情 人 在 床 上 。後 來 情 人 逃 脫 ,留 下 了 他 的 西 裝 外 套。為了報復妻子,丈夫命令他的妻子將外套作為貴賓一樣對待, 然而,他沒有想到的是妻子最終竟真的愛上了這件外套。對於這 種殘酷和無情的懲罰,妻子的忍受是有限的。劇中使用極簡的道 具,並且採用了從舒伯特到非洲民歌等的多種音樂類型,將這個 簡單而荒謬的故事演繹得美麗而憂傷。

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演出场地:  Young Vic Theatre 青年維克劇院




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