Theatre503 is one of the distinguished theatres specialized
in new writing. The theatre is dedicated to the promotion of works with groundbreaking significance. The year 2012 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Theatre503, originally named The Latchmere Theatre. For decades since it’s establishment, Theatre503 has attempted to use innovative, sometimes even thrilling, visual stimulation to provoke audiences into thinking about their own places in the world.

“We opened the door, discovering new voices where nobody has ventured before.” Theatre503 has always passionately believed the ability of next generation of British playwrights, in diversifying modes of play writing, in exploring a wider range of topics and ideas, in reflecting a more diverse mode of nation and society, and in looking into the world in which we live in a new light.


503劇場是倫敦以新寫作為專長的代表性劇院之一,定位于推崇具有突破 性意義的作品,2012年是503劇場(原名為The Latchmere Theatre)成 立30周年。在成立的幾十年裡,他們試圖用新鮮甚至驚悚的視覺體驗來 激勵觀眾思索自己在世界上的位置。

“我們打開門,在從未有人涉獵之處尋找新的聲音。”503劇場始終熱情地 相信,下一代的英國劇作家能夠將戲劇寫作的方式更加多樣化,涉足更加 寬廣的領域和視野,反映比以前更加多元的民族和社會模式,以新的眼 光,看待我們生活在其中的世界。




Unlike many other print organizations and theatres that set a fixed deadline for the submission of plays, Theatre503 operates
a year-round open submissions policy. Annually, about 2,000 unsolicited scripts are received. While the funding for auditing
is limited, the theatre insists on carefully reading and examining every play submitted, and providing feedback in a timely manner. Literary Manager Steve Harper, Graeme Thompson and a panel of volunteer readers lead the program. The insistence on the policy stems from their dedication to providing the best opportunities possible for first-time writers.

The programs of the theatre foundation include “Rapid Write”, “The Lab”, “LabFest” and so on. In the past six years, these programs have discovered more than a thousand new writers. Theatre503 also encouraged these new writers to come back to 503 with their second, or even third work, to help the reinforce their reputation.

Also, in order to encourage new writers, Theatre503 has developed the “503 Five” program. More specifically, five emerging playwrights are selected for collaboration with the resident playwrights, lasting for eighteen months and spanning from the inception of initial draft to the completion of the first work. During the collaboration, the resident playwrights provide newcomers with insights and help in all aspects, and they would finish at least one work each. In addition, the resident writers also aid the theatre in achieving more avant-garde and ambitious theatrical goals. Currently, the five resident writers included in the program are Brad Birch, Jon Brittain, Gemma Langford, Charlene James and Chris Urch.


與其他出版機構和劇院不同,503劇場實行全年開放的劇本提交政策。劇 場一年約收到2000個劇本,盡管沒有足夠的資金支持,劇場仍然堅持仔 細審閱每一個提交的劇本並盡快給予反饋。除了兩位文學總監史蒂夫·哈 珀(Steve Harper)和格雷姆·湯普森(Graeme Thompson)外,其他的 審閱編輯都是自發的誌願者。而劇場之所以堅持這項事業,與他們“致力 於為第一次寫作的作者們提供最佳機遇”的宗旨密不可分。

劇院的基金會計劃包括“速寫(Rapid Write)”、“實驗室(The Lab)”、“實驗節(LabFest)”等,近六年來,這些項目共發掘了1000余位新作家。劇院還鼓勵 新作家們將他們的第二部、第三部作品帶回503,幫助他們鞏固寫作聲譽。

此外,為鼓勵新人創作,503劇場常設五位“駐場作家”(503 Five)。這個 項目選擇5位戲劇寫作的新秀,從提交初稿到第一部作品面世,與他們進 行為期18個月的合作。合作期間,除為他們提供全方位的指導和幫助,至 少推出他們的一部作品,這些作家們也幫助劇院實現更加先鋒和現代的 戲劇願景。現任的五位作家為布萊德·伯奇、約翰·布列顛、婕瑪·蘭弗、查 琳·詹姆士和克里斯·爾奇。

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