11 Course Leaders: 20 Questions

11 Course Leaders: 20 Questions – A collection of Interviews with 11 London BA Fine Art Course

Text by: Peng Zuqiang
撰文: 彭祖強


There seems to be a rather redundant amount of discussion on the future of art education at a higher level. During the age of crisis, one of the most debated questions was whether it would still be worthwhile to study art after UK tuition fee increases and with the market showing signs of fatigue.


In a way, the book 11 Course Leaders: 20 Questions – A collection of Interviews with 11 London BA Fine Art Course Leaders, attempts to provide a series of responses to this question. The book, as its title suggests, takes the format of interviews, with the author Sarah Rowles asking the leaders of 11 BA Fine Art courses in London 20 questions each. These questions, some drafted before-hand and some of which emerge during the conversations, are intended to demystify undergraduate art education from multiple perspectives.

而三年前出版的《倫敦藝術課程主任二十問》(下文簡稱為《二十問》),則正是想給所提及的這個問題給出回應。《二十問》, 書如其名,是一本由作者莎拉·羅斯(Sarah Rowles)對倫敦十一所藝術大學本科純藝專業的課程主任訪問組成的合集。薩拉·羅斯向每位課程主任提出了二十個問題,這十一場對談中,二十個問題各有不同,有些是提前準備,而另一些則是隨著訪談話題的深入而展開。而所有這二十個問題,都給予不同的角度來理解和認識本科階段的藝術教育專業。

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Readers who expect this book to list the ‘pros and cons’ of each Fine Art course might, in the long and in-depth interviews, find it is not what they looking for; however, it is not Rowles’ intention to publish a book which serves that purpose. As a graduate of BA Art Practice from Goldsmiths, Sarah Rowles discovered her own interest in investigating models of art education while she was still a student. This book is a result of her sustained passion for art education – an interest which also drives her to run the art education organisation ‘Q-Art’, whose aim is to support people into, through and beyond art education.


By bringing these 11 London-based art courses together in the same book, this small publication employs no hierarchy – giving equal weight to colleges that are easily overlooked, such as Cass School and City and Guilds, as to those that are more internationally renowned, namely Central Saint Martins. That said, readers are still made aware of the differing educational models practiced in the various art colleges.

這十一組與各個倫敦藝術院校課程主任的對談,沒有按學校的名氣來分配其地位。而其中一些經常被人忽略但同樣優秀的學校:卡斯藝術學院(Cass School)和城市協會藝術大學(City & Guilds of London Art School),也跟另外一些國際知名的學院在這本小小的出版物中占據著同樣重要的位置。但是,這並不意味著訪談的內容有任何大相徑庭,讀者們還是能從中辨別出這些學校所施行的各不相同的教育模式。

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