A Complete Workshop and Test Space

TEXT BY 撰文 x Harry Liu 劉競晨
TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 x Syndi Huang 黃煥欣
IMAGE COURTESY BY 圖片提供 x Gary Woodley 加裡·伍德裡


Gary Woodley, a native Londoner, graduated from London’s Chelsea College of Arts in the 70s, and began teaching at Slade School of Fine Art in the late 80s. His works has been widely exhibited all over the world in famous museums and galleries like Tate Britain.

Before the interview, we already heard Woodley had an “incredible” studio. But it is until after the visit to his studio, we found it indeed deserve the name. Woodley’s studio is located in a rugged industrial building which was built after World War II. The original doors, elevator and fence exude a unique charm of that time.

Woodley’s studio is very large, around 300 square meters. It can be described as “luxury” to own a studio of such size in zone 1 area of London. The studio displays a variety of wood working equipment and tools, which completely blow us away. What a dreamland for all boys. We were holding our breath while checking around. Woodley is quite an interesting person, always being very kind with a stern look. He did not talk much, but answered all the questions straight to the point. Mentioning about Hackney, Woodley said the area had great changes since his settlement 30 years ago, but always been an inspiring place. He told us the history of Hackney as the centre of woodwork and furniture in London, as well as its current development. When talking about the safety in Hackney, Woodley showed that he never met any safety problem, the neighbourhood was always very friendly.

With regard to his own creativity, Woodley finds himself with many different roles. For instance, on the one hand, he is a lecturer at Slade School of Fine Art to cope with students for guiding their learning and creation. On the other hand, he also works with a lot of engineers and architects to solve various architectural and construction issues. The more important aspect is his own creativity. His works are generally in very large scales, such as an entire building. There are also quite some his more concerned works. Some indoor works exhibited in galleries are also very interesting. Gary is very obsessed with mathematics, and applies mathematics to his creation. Through the form of mathematics, basic structures and forms can be found in his works.

加裡·伍德裡是土生土長的倫敦人,70年代畢業於倫敦切爾西藝術學院,80年代末開始任教于斯萊德藝術學校(Slade School of Fine Art),他的作品在全世界範圍內都被廣泛的展出過,其中不乏像泰特英國館這樣重量級的美術館和優秀畫廊。




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