Dance without Fear 舞者無懼

Interview with Hagit Yakira and Sophie Arstall


Award-Winning Israeli choreographer Hagit Yakira founded Hagit Yakira Dance Company in 2007 and has since gone on to tour the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Israel. So far she has created seven works for her company amongst many other commissioned works for other companies and students. Hagit Yakira Dance Company creates work whereby storytelling, intimacy, dance and text are uniquely interwoven into an individual interpretation of inter human relationships and emotions through dance theatre and performance.

屢獲殊榮的以色列編舞海吉特·雅琪拉在2007年創辦了海吉特·雅琪拉舞團(Hagit Yakira Dance Company),至今已多次於英國、歐洲、斯堪地那維亞地區和以色列巡迴演出。海吉特為自己的舞團創作了七部作品,同時許多其他舞團也委託她來創作。海吉特·雅琪拉舞團的作品把故事、舞蹈和文本融合在一起,再通過舞劇來表達她對人與人之間關係和情感的獨特詮釋。


ART.ZIP: Would you please give us a brief introduction of yourself?

HY: I’m Jewish, originally from Israel, and I’ve been living and working here in London for 10 years. I came here to study dance, doing an MA in European Theatre Dance at the Trinity Laban Centre. This is where I met Sophie, she’s a dancer and she danced in one of my first choreographic work. In 2007 I formed Hagit Yakira Dance Company, realising I want to work mostly as a choreographer. These days I am mostly choreographing and teaching all around the UK, Europe, Israel and Scandinavia, and I am performing less. I’m also doing a PhD in Choreography at the moment at Trinity-Laban.

When I teach within institutions, there are specific things I’m needed to teach – but what I do in my workshops results in much more freedom in deciding what I want to teach. People who are participating open workshops are normally also freer in terms of what they can do. They don’t have to feel purpose-driven, they can just come to experiment. And it is this freedom of exploration that I really enjoy teaching.

ART.ZIP: 您能給我們簡單介紹一下你自己嗎?

HY: 我是來自以色列的猶太人。我來倫敦已經10年了,我起初是來學習舞蹈的,在三一拉班藝術學院(Trinity Laban Centre)修讀歐洲戲劇舞蹈碩士學位。就在那我認識了舞者蘇菲,她為我最初編導的舞劇表演。2007年我創立了海吉特·雅琪拉舞團,因為我發現自己內心最想做的還是編舞。現在我表演的不多,更多的是進行編舞和教學工作,主要在英國、歐洲、以色列和斯堪地那維亞地區。現在我還在三一拉班藝術學院修讀博士學位。



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