Design with Global Vision

RCA 10-13 35.

ART.ZIP: The RCA’s tuition fees are high. What does the RCA offer that’s different to other design schools?

MP: I think the tuition fee is enormous! However, it’s not because we want to make profits from it. The fees pay for the resources and the quality of education here. We are working hard to find bursaries and scholarships. It all takes long time. We have one fee that enables students to have access to many programmes and resources.

The number of staff to the number of students is really high here. We have a fifteen-to-one ratio. There’s not a professor hiding in a research lab away from students. There is a lot of intense contact time between students, as well as the teaching time. The students are there, and I’m here. I’m separated by 15 millimetres of glass, and I wouldn’t change it. If someone’s ill, you will know it, because we are so close.

The other thing is about resources. A big part of the RCA, is having access to workshops and facilities. Many universities are closing down workshops because they are expansive to run. We are expanding workshops. We now have a big floor of workshops beneath us, so the students could be designing something up here, and then run down to make it. And we have really great expert staff guiding students to create things. In two years time, we will finish the refurbishment here, where two floors are workshops. We are probably a little short of space now, but in two years time we will double it. So I know the tuition fee is high, but I can’t do very much about it. I know money is not been spent on irrelevant things, and facilities are getting better and better here. Even though the economic climate is harsh and support is hard to find, I think the RCA gives value for money.

ART.ZIP: 皇藝的學費十分高昂。您認為皇藝比起其他設計學院有什麼過人之處嗎?

MP: 這裡的學費真的貴得嚇人,但並不是我們想要從學生身上牟利,這些學費是為了支付最好的資源和保證高質量的教學。我們也努力地尋找資助和獎學金來幫助學生,但這個過程比較漫長。學生的一次性付費包含了幾乎全部的教學項目和資源。



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