Jiá Fèng

Troy House | London 10-12 New Union Square, London SW117AX

The exhibition runs from 26 April 2022 to Ongoing


The Troy House Art Foundation annual project “Jiá Fèng 夹缝 ” will open to the public on the 25th of April, 2022. “Jiá Fèng 夹缝 ” is initiated by artist Yuan Gong, it is curated to respond to current socio-political crises and human conditions. “Jiá Fèng” means a very limited space – it is referring to people who are recreating a space to stay and survive in such a narrow room. People are looking for the loss during their displacement. When the freedom gradually disappears, where is the freedom of art? “Jiá Fèng” is like a society – a society that is losing its freedom. We are in the Jiá Fèng.

Jiá Fèng 夹缝” is a dynamic project that engages discussions on topics such as geopolitics, war and refugees, politics and art, and so forth. The project will be open to the public, including exhibitions, screenings and open calls. “Jiá Fèng 夹缝” consists of three projects: the Points Art Residency Retrospective, Voices from Ukraine and an artist residency Open Call in 2022.

Points Art Residency Retrospective

“Jiá Fèng 夹缝” begins with a retrospective of Points Art residencies: Points Art Residency is an artists residency program initiated by Troy house Art Foundation in 2017. It started in Jinxi, China – an ancient water town located in Suzhou. With the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020, Points was forced to suspend the residency program and began to migrate to another location. The Points Art Residency Retrospective Exhibition will present the works of four artists – Javier González Pesce, YuiInoue, Yuya Suzuki and Lei Yan, in collaboration with S-AIR (JP) ; and a dialogue (with Zhenhua Li) on Yuan Gong’s poem “夹缝”. These works present the boundaries and

connections between people and the world in the form of sound, video, installation and public art, and also attempt to respond to the ideal image and symbolic system of the underlying world shared in cross-cultural contexts. Not only do the works present the current reality, but constructs a special time-space relationship between history, time, field and event as well.


Voices from Ukraine

Unlike the retrospective, ‘Voices from Ukraine’ is more of

a progressive tense with lost freedom. The first phase will invite artist Nikita Kadan from Kyiv to continuously transmit images, sounds and videos to the exhibition site in the form of an online residency for a month. In addition, a concurrent screening program will feature films on war, immigration and borders.


Points Art Residency Program 2022

In the meantime, Troy House will open its residence space in Wales, England. Within it, the Points Art Residency Program 2022 is due to be launched officially, and three residency artists will be recruited worldwide (including a Ukrainian artist). The Wales space situates in Monmouth, where the winding river divides and emerges into an independent area. While the main body of the space has a complex and multi-dimensional history. As follows a new home of art is being reclaimed and built.


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展覽地點: Troy House 倫敦

展覽時間: 自2022年4月25日 


Troy House藝術基金會年度項目 “Jiá Fèng 夾縫” 將於2022年4月25日向公眾開放。“Jiá Fèng夾縫”      由藝術家原弓​​發起,旨在回應當前的社會政治危機和人類生存狀況。“Jiá Fèng” 的意思是一個非常有限的空間——它指的是人們在這樣一個狹窄的空間里重新創造一個居住和生存的地方。人們正在尋找流離失所期間失落的東西。當自由逐漸消失的時候,藝術的自由在哪里?“Jiá Fèng” 就像一個社會——一個正在失去自由的社會。我們就在Jiá Fèng里。


“Jiá Fèng 夾縫” 是一個動態的項目,涉及地緣政治、戰爭和難民、政治和藝術等話題的討論。該項目將向公眾開放,包括展覽、放映和藝術家駐留。“Jiá Fèng 夾縫” 由三個項目組成:《Points藝術駐地回顧展》、《來自烏克蘭的聲音》 和 《2022年的藝術家駐地項目》 的公開招募。





“Jiá Fèng 夾縫” 以《Points藝術駐地回顧展》開始: Points藝術駐地是由Troy house藝術基金會於2017年發起的藝術家駐地項目。它始於中國蘇州的一座古老的水鄉——錦溪。隨著2020年全球大流行的爆發,Points被迫暫停定居計劃,並開始遷移到另一個地方。《Points藝術駐地回顧展》將展出四位藝術家的作品,他們分別是Javier González Pesce、YuiInoue、Suzuki Yuya和Lei Yan,與S-AIR (JP) 合作; 以及原弓的詩 “夾縫” (與李振華) 對談。 這些作品以聲音、影像、裝置和公共藝術的形式呈現人與世界的邊界和聯系,並試圖回應跨文化語境中所共享的底層世界的理想形象和符號體系。作品不僅呈現了當下的現實,而且在歷史、時間、場域、事件之間構建了一種特殊的時空關系。




與回顧展不同,《來自烏克蘭的聲音》更像是一種失去自由的進行時態。第一階段將邀請來自基輔的藝術家尼基塔·卡丹(Nikita Kadan) 在展覽現場以一個月的在線駐留形式持續傳送圖像、聲音和視頻。此外,一個同時放映的項目將放映關於戰爭、移民和邊境的電影。




與此同時,Troy House將在英格蘭威爾士開放其駐留空間。同時,《2022年Points藝術駐地計劃》將正式啟動,並將在全球招募三名駐地藝術家 (包括一名烏克蘭藝術家)。威爾士空間位於蒙茅斯(Monmouth),蜿蜒的河流在這里劃分並形成一個獨立的區域。而空間主體則具有覆雜而多維的歷史。一個新的藝術之家正在被回收和建造。







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