Reframed: The Woman in the Window

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Wednesday 4 May – Sunday 4 September 2022


Reframed: The Woman in the Window is the first exhibition to explore the enigmatic motif of the ‘woman in the window’.

Featuring artworks from ancient civilisations to present day, the exhibition brings together over 50 works by artists including Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, David Hockney, Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman, Wolfgang Tillmans and Rachel Whiteread to reveal how artists have long used the motif to elicit a particular kind of response ranging from empathy to voyeurism.

Featuring sculpture, painting, print, photography, film and installation art, the exhibition identifies the key geographic locations, cultures and time periods for which the ‘woman in the window’ had a particular meaning and what the motif reveals about issues of gender and visibility.

Highlights includes ancient works on loan from The British Museum, Louise Bourgeois’ My Blue Sky (1989-2003), David Hockney’s The Tower Had One Window (1969), Howard Hodgkin’s Girl by a Window (1964) and our very own Girl at a Window (1645) by Rembrandt, the initial point of inspiration for the exhibition.



展覽時間:2022年5月4日 — 9月4日


《Reframed: The Woman in the Window (重置:窗中的女人)》是第一個探索“櫥窗中的女人”這一神秘主題的展覽。

從古代文明到現代的藝術作品,展覽彙集了50多幅藝術家的作品,其中包括倫勃朗·哈門斯·范·萊因(Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn)、但丁·加布里埃爾·羅塞蒂(Dante Gabriel Rossetti)、大衛·霍克尼(David Hockney)、路易絲·布爾喬亞(Louise Bourgeois)、辛迪·捨曼(Cindy Sherman)、沃爾夫岡·蒂爾曼斯(Wolfgang Tillmans)和蕾切爾·懷特瑞德(Rachel Whiteread) ,展示了藝術家們長期以來是如何利用這一主題來引發從同情到窺淫等特定類型的反應的。


亮點作品包括從大英博物館借來的古代藝術品,路易絲·布爾喬亞的《My Blue Sky (我的藍天)》(1989-2003),大衛·霍克尼的《The Tower Had One Window (有一扇窗戶的塔)》(1969),霍華德·霍奇金(Howard Hodgkin)的《Girl by a Window (窗邊的女孩)》(1964)。以及杜爾維治美術館自己的館藏,倫布蘭特(Rembrandt Peale)的《Girl at a Window (窗邊的女孩)》(1645),這也是這次展覽的第一個靈感來源。



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