Joan Jonas

Tate Modern
14 March-5 August 2018

Joan Jonas – The Mirror Pieces II

Tate Modern presents the largest survey of Joan Jonas’s work ever held ini the UK. Jonas is regarded as a pre-eminent figure in contemporary performance who continues to influence a younger generation of artists. This immersive exhibition celebrates Joan Jonas’s art works over the last five decades, uniting some of the most important pieces from throughout her career. Early and late works are displayed alongside one another, reflecting Jonas’s practice of revisiting her own past, as can be seen in Juniper Tree an installation created in 1994 that evolved from performances staged in 1976 and 1978. Early works include the iconic video Organic Honey’s Visual Telepathy 1972 which explores female identity via the artist’s sexualised alter-ego, while recent installation include Reanimation 2010/13 and Stream or River, Flight or Pattern 2016-17 which broach the issues of climate change and animal extinction-subjects that are central to Jonas’s current practice.

Jonas originally trained as a sculptor but quickly began experimenting with performance, video and props after meeting influential choreographers Trisha Brown and Yvonne Rainer in the 1960s. Her revolutionary early practice in New York’s downtown arts scene would inspire Peter Moore and Larry Bell illustrates this seminal moment in modern art history. Tate Modern also reveals a range of important items from Jonas’s personal collections, such as masks, wooden animals and items collected on her travels, which have inspired or featured in her work.

The exhibition explores key elements of Joans’s practice, from her use of sound to the influence of Japanese Noh theatre on her work. Her passion for story telling is evident in works such as Double Lunar Rabbits 2010, in which Jonas draws inspiration from the story of a rabbit on the moon, both a well-known Japanese myth and Aztec fable. In Lines in the Sand 2002, an installation and performance created for Documenta 11, Jonas reworks the myth of Helen of Troy in order to explore contemporary political evens.

Reflecting the way Jonas works across many different disciplines, this groundbreaking survey is the first of its kind at Tate, combing a gallery exhibition, a ten day live programme in the Tanks with performances by Jonas herself, and a film retropective in the Starr Cinema. It reveals her powerful impact on contemporary art and her dedication to pushing boundaries to this day.

喬安·喬納斯被認為是當代藝術行為表演中的傑出人物,她的藝術創作也繼續影響著年輕一代的藝術家。 此次展覽展示了喬安·喬納斯在過去五十年的藝術作品,同时整合了她个人艺术生涯中一些最重要的作品。早期作品包括標誌性視頻作品“有機蜂蜜的視覺傳心術(Organic Honey’s Visual Telepathy)”(1972),通過藝術家性別化的另一個自我的視覺表達來探索女性身份問題;近年的裝置作品包括“重生(Reanimation)”(2010/13)和”小溪或河流,飛行或模式(Stream or River, Flight or Pattern )”(2016-17),它們討論了关于氣候變化和動物滅絕的問題,這也是喬納斯目前的研究方向。喬納斯最初受過雕塑家的訓練,因此喬納斯對雕塑物品在表演藝術中的擺放和使用具有獨特的表達。泰特美術館還展示了喬納斯個人藏品中一系列重要物品,如面具,木製動物以及她在旅行中收集的物品,這些物品或多或少會在她的表演作品中出現。喬納斯的雕塑訓練背景使得她擁有一個完整、跨領域的創作方式和對細節的精緻處理——舞台、音樂、燈光、陰影、對於各類物件在表演作品中的擺放也著墨的恰到好處。


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