Chris Marker

16 April – 22 June 2014, Galleries 1, 8 & Victor Petitgas Gallery (Gallery 9)

今天在倫敦白教堂畫廊開幕了法國藝術家《克利斯·馬克爾》的回顧展, 對這個藝術家我真是知之甚少, 直到來到展廳看了他的作品才覺得他很了不起。試想一下你看到一個1921年降生的人(比我去世的爺爺還年長一歲), 在50年的藝術生涯之中製作的各種藝術嘗試,比如看到他76歲時候用電腦製作的關於記憶和博物館主題的多媒體作品(1997),2005年他去世前6年(85歲)時候做的影像裝置作品。。。他不懈探索和驚人的充沛精力讓人感嘆。還沒完,這位藝術家同時還是一位作家,攝影師,電影製作人,畫家。。。。展覽也展出了他寫的書和很多影像作品。其中的一件作品用看照片講故事的方式展現了2戰役后法國人的面貌,生活和周遭的點點滴滴,藝術家平和的聲音配合大量的紀實圖片為我們呈現了一個真實而且鮮活的戰後法國,沒有煽情,也沒有說教,在淡淡的哀傷之中又帶著令人喜悅的希望和憧憬。


另外兩件很意外的收穫,作品里一件作品是用80年代後期生產的Apple IIGS電腦展示的,這算是古董級電腦了吧,而且還能正常運轉,是一個類似photoshop爺爺級別的繪圖軟件,上手操作了一下感覺好神奇啊!另外一個是見到了BBC主播,年輕的藝術評論人Alastair Sooke,經常在電視上看到他,這次在白教堂見到覺得真人還是很友好,我們已經約了他給我們寫專題啦,很期待啊!


The Whitechapel Gallery presents the first UK retrospective of visionary French filmmaker, photographer, writer and multimedia artist Chris Marker (1921 – 2012). Marker is widely acknowledged as the finest exponent of the ‘essay film’ and is best known as the director of over 60 films including Sans soleil (Sunless, 1983) and A Grin Without a Cat (Le Fond de l’air est rouge, 1977). His most celebrated work La Jetée (The Pier, 1962) imagines a Paris devastated by nuclear catastrophe and is composed almost entirely of black-and-white still photographs, which informed the narrative of Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys (1995) and influenced James Cameron’s Terminator (1984). The Whitechapel Gallery will be filled with Chris Marker’s extraordinary films and photographs. Highlights include all five of Marker’s multi-media installations shown together for the first time, rarely seen photographs, and a newly re-mastered edition of Le Joli Mai (The Merry Month of May, 1963), which romantically describes Paris via interviews with people in the street, interspersed with a commentary ranging from the number of hours of sunshine in May to the amount of meat and potatoes eaten by the city’s population each month.




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