Documenta 15

Kassel, Germany

18 June to 25 September 202


Documenta 15 will take place from 18 June to 25 September 2022 at various venues in Kassel, Germany, under the artistic direction of ruangrupa. The Jakarta-based artist collective bases Documenta 15 on lumbung’s core values and philosophy, the Indonesian name for the public rice silo. Lumbung, an artistic and economic model, rooted in the principles of collectivism, sharing of public resources and equal distribution, is reflected in all parts of the collaboration and exhibition. Lumbung is a specific practice adopted by ruangrupa and the artistic team, lumbung members and artists, and all participants on the road to Documenta 15 in 2022 and beyond.

For Documenta 15, the organisers wanted something different. Breaking with the 67-year tradition of the prestigious five-year fair featuring major international artists such as Hans Haacke, On Kawara, Adrian Piper and Alfredo Jaar, to name but a few, this year’s event pushed the art world out of its comfort zone, with mixed results. Held over 100 days in 32 venues in Kassel in western Germany, Documenta 15 was curated not by individual art world luminaries, as is traditional, but by the vibrant Indonesian art organisation ruangrupa. In a stark departure from the festival that once featured the likes of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. This year’s exhibition replaced blue-chip or well-known international artists with a few relatively unknown invited collectives, who were then allowed to request any collective they wanted to work with – resulting in a staggering 1,500 featured artists.

Controversy aside, Documenta 15 offered a bold challenge to an audience educated in the expectations of the traditional art world. This year’s event was a fascinating, three-dimensional exploration of the period that Western Europe grapples with colonialism’s legacy. At its best, Documenta 15 is rich, vibrant, exciting and educational, opening up to its audience a natural world that is expansive, cosmopolitan and poignantly ephemeral. Whether you go or not, there are several artists and groups whose work here is of particular interest.






第十五屆文獻展將於2022年6月18日至9月25日在ruangrupa的藝術指導下在德國卡塞爾的各個場館舉行。這個位於雅加達的藝術家團體將第十五屆文獻展的基礎建立在lumbung的核心價值和理念上,lumbung是印度尼西亞人對公共米倉的稱呼。 lumbung作為一種藝術和經濟模式,植根於集體主義、公共資源共享和平等分配等原則,體現在合作和展覽的各個部分。 lumbung是ruangrupa和藝術團隊、lumbung成員和lumbung藝術家以及所有參與者在通往2022年及以後的第十五屆文獻展的路上所採用的具體實踐。


對於第15屆文獻展,組織者想要一些不同的東西。今年的活動打破了著名的五年展67年來以主要國際藝術家為主角的傳統,如Hans Haacke、On Kawara、Adrian Piper和Alfredo Jaar等等,將藝術界從其舒適區推了出來,結果喜憂參半。第15屆文獻展在德國西部的卡塞爾市的32個場館舉行,為期100天,不是像傳統那樣由個別藝術界名人策劃,而是由充滿活力的印度尼西亞藝術組織ruangrupa策劃的。與曾經以巴勃羅-畢加索和亨利-馬蒂斯等人為主角的藝術節截然不同,今年的展覽用幾個相對不知名的受邀集體取代了藍籌甚至知名的國際藝術家,然後允許他們邀請任何他們想合作的集體–最終形成了1500名特色藝術家的驚人總數。




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