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Interview with the RCA Graduate Zhenhan Hao


ART.ZIP: Could you tell us about your studying experience in the UK? Why did you choose the RCA? Did you study in Art school in China as well?

ZH: I had my Bachelor’s degree of Design in the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in China. During the four years of study, I was taught to question things and find solutions. However, what I learnt couldn’t solve the questions that kept popping up. My understanding of design was also moving further away from the general definition – I was so confused. One day, I saw some RCA students’ portfolios and felt a connection with them. At that moment, I decided that the RCA was the place for me.

ART.ZIP: 能給我們講一下你在英國的求學經歷嗎?為甚麼會選擇皇家藝術學院呢?

ZH: 我在中央美術學院完成了設計學院本科的學習,在這四年的時間裡我接受的是發現問題解決問題的思考方法,然而我所學到的沒有辦法解決我腦子裡不斷出現的各種問題,我對設計的理解也越來越偏離大眾的定義。就在我困惑的時候我看到了皇藝的師生作品,我覺得突然找到了‘同類’。在那個時候我就覺得要去皇藝學習。


ART.ZIP: What kind of questions kept popping up? What do you think of the definition of design? How did the RCA students’ portfolios dispel the confusion you were feeling at that time?

ZH: In CAFA, the teaching approach is to solve problems by designing new things. But I found that solving problems through designing and producing products introduced more issues than it solved. Their portfolios involved in depth social discussions, which opened my eyes to more possibilities. There are so many avenues of design; the definition viewed through different perspectives is also very varied. So nowadays, I just simply do my best to complete a subject by thinking about rather than defining it.

ART.ZIP: 你腦子裡不斷出現的各種問題都有什麼呢?你心中設計的定義應該是怎麼樣的呢?皇藝的師生作品有什麼地方讓你覺得你能解除這種困惑呢?

ZH: 本科的教學主要是教育學生通過設計物件來解決問題,但是我發現通過設計和生產產品來解決問題本身所帶來的問題比解決的還多。而皇藝的師生作品更多地參與社會議題的討論,程度也相對比較深入。所以這些作品讓我看到了新的可能性。設計有太多可能性,在不同的語境下面設計的定義也非常的不同,所以我現在不想去定義什麽是設計,只是單純地在思考通過什麽樣的方法把一件事做好。


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