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ART.ZIP: When choosing your students, what are your criteria?

NC: We interview everyone in person. All candidates must meet the requirements listed on the website, then our recruitment officers arrange interviews. We do interviews here in London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, wherever the Arts of China faculty might travel. For example, if I’m over in Singapore, our website will indicate the possibility of meeting with me in Singapore. The interview is a two-way conversation, really. We ask applicants what are they looking for in the course, and they ask us what we have on offer to enhance their careers. Applying to graduate school is very nerve-racking, right? When you meet someone from that institution to establish direct contact, it eliminates the fear of the unknown, and the impersonality of sending out your application and then praying that you’ll get a letter of acceptance in the post. So in the interview we can determine whether you are appropriate for the Master’s: Is this the right course for you? Or perhaps you would prefer to study Art, Law and Business, not the Arts of China? Students obtain a University of Glasgow degree in the History of Art and Art World Practice, which trains them around objects and their histories and social, archaeological and economic contexts. To gauge fluency in English, I might speak very quickly on purpose. For applicants who do not yet meet our standards, I would suggest that they first improve their English by living or working somewhere where they have no choice but speak English all the time, then re-apply.

In interviews, we also assess applicants’ art history knowledge, or whether they have embarked on this path only to please their parents. So if they don’t possess the requisite knowledge, but they are really excited about Chinese art, I might also suggest they take a course in art history, and then apply again in the following year.

We see the students everyday during term time. The interview can help applicants decide whether they can live with me and other faculty. Honestly, if at interview I peg you as a prima donna, you’ll have a slim chance of getting in. Likewise, if the applicant finds me mean, overbearing, and arrogant, someone you couldn’t live with on a daily basis, then it is not going to work. Somehow I’m not scary enough! — the students keep coming, but we do wish them to know we have standards, that we are serious.

ART.ZIP: 你們的擇生標準是什麼呢?

NC: 我們會面試每一個符合要求的申請人。首先他們需要符合網站上列出來的要求,然後負責招生的同事就會安排一對一的面試。我們在倫敦、紐約、香港、上海都會安排面試的機會,例如當我剛好帶學生們到某個城市遊學的時候,就會在那個城市進行面試。打個比方,如果我在新加坡,學院官網就會告示面試的時間地點。






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