Artist Studio Operators

In London there are a variety of companies and organizations providing artists studio spaces, many of them are non-profit organizations, some are funded by artists, and others receive supports from charities or foundations. Here are some well-known ones for reference.


SPACE / 空間

Space is a leading visual arts organization providing creative workspace, advocacy, support and promoting innovation. Established by artists in 1968, SPACE runs 17 artist studio buildings across 7 London boroughs, providing affordable creative workspace plus support programmes, such as exhibitions, artists residencies and training opportunities, to enable artists to be sustainable. SPACE also delivers Learning and Participation projects for schools, young people and communities neighbouring SPACE studio sites, to promote engagement with creativity and the arts. SPACE supports 700 artists with studios and a further 700 a year with professional development. Additionally, SPACE engages 15,000 people a year though public programmes.



Artist Studio Company(ASC)


Founded in 1995, ASC is a registered charity that exists to support visual and performing artists, educate the public in the arts and promote the arts. In furtherance to these aims: they are a leading provider of affordable studio space to visual artists and currently provide workspace to over 700 practitioners across 11 sites; offer ‘affordable’ office space to charitable and not for profit arts organisations; run an educational program and support good cause cultural activities through participation in their delivery; provide a free advisory service to charitable and not for profit arts organisations on all property matters; run a public gallery, ‘The ASC Gallery’, in Southwark.



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