Afterward / 後記

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Among 80 artists in Euroart Studio, there is one Chinese artist called Wu Wen. After the interview with Clarke, we caught up a while with Wu at her studio. She gave a very poetic expression to her place – womb – that breeds her life and her art. For her, the current studio is perfect, safe, clean, and very well-organised.

Artist is always a dreamer, she said, many artists are facing financial struggles in this way or that, and they could only rent studios with affordable prices. Sarcastically, artist community is the one that brings vitality and freshness to the area, but it also results in rising property price. Artists have no choice but to move to other areas with lower rates. That’s how a vicious circle continues year after year. Artists fuel creativity and economic vitality, yet they have to confront hikes of rates whereas businessmen make the capital out of it.

Even though it sounds a bit helpless, Wu is far from being discouraged. Instead, she smiled, ‘we are men on the brink, but with joyous and exciting life.’

The area where Euroart sits has attracted more interests because of the artist community, it is well believed that within a short while, it will become another hippest place in London like Hoxton and Shoreditch.



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