Interview with Co-founder of Euroart Studios Lorraine Clarke



TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 x Harry Liu 劉競晨
PHOTOGRAPHED BY 攝影 x Syndi Huang 黃煥欣
IMAGE COURTESY BY 圖片提供 x Lorraine Clarke 羅琳·克拉克

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Lorraine Clarke (ARBS) is a London based artist whose work expresses a burgeoning interest in the human body, from the tremendous impact of biotechnology to the awesome complexity of the psyche.

She (co)-founded Euroart Studios (with Nigel Young) in 2002 where she develops her art practice alongside her responsibilities as art director.

Unlike other interviewed artist, Clarke has a double identity, an artist and the owner of Euroart Studios. Would Clarke’s own artist experience make her better understand what artists need and then create a Utopia for them? At the same time, as a ‘landlord’, she has to balance the business risk and return. As an artist as well as a ‘landlord’, what is her story with artist studios?

羅琳·克拉克在倫敦生活和工作,她的作品多是表現了其對人類身心的極大興趣和好奇,無論是生物科技對人類的巨大影響,或是人類令人歎為觀止的複雜靈魂都深深地吸引著她;她于2002年與奈傑爾·揚(Nigel Young)一起創辦了歐藝工作室,從那時起她便開始扮演藝術家和工作室運營商的雙重身份。


ART.ZIP: You yourself are an artist, how is your normal day in the studio?

ART.ZIP: 作為一名藝術家,每天在工作室裡都是怎樣度過的呢?

LC: Owing to my enduring fascination with the “human condition”, my work, taking multiple forms from large installations to small finely crafted collections, incorporating found and made objects, animation and sound, is infused with research into ancient rites and traditions, belief systems, religion, anthropology, aspects of the medical world.

On average I spend up to ten hours a day in my studio. My studio is my personal museum, my “cabinet of curiosities”, where I surround myself with objects and materials that I consider to be exquisite treasures. Through my creative process, transforming materials – often regarded as detritus, into objects of contemplation, new and strange, yet somehow familiar, I challenge the viewer to reflect upon what it is to be human.

It is also my “library” where time ceases to have definition while reading, researching and contemplating – and a place where I draw inspiration to develop concepts and ideas for my artwork and write poetry.

LC: 因為一直以來我都對“人類的處境”非常著迷,我的作品有很多形式,既有大型的裝置作品也有非常精緻的小巧作品。我所選用的那些天然或是人造的物品、動畫或者聲音都是和人類的生活息息相關的,這些材質都和我們人類的歷史、宗教、醫療等方方面面有著聯繫。



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