Artist Studio Operators

Acme Studios / Acme工作室

Acme Studios is a London-based charity, formed by artists in 1972, which supports the development of fine art practice by providing artists with affordable studio and living space. Acme supports over 600 artists and manages 546 studios in 14 buildings in Greater London, runs work/live and studio residency schemes and manages an international residencies programme for visiting artists. Acme is recognised as the leading studio development organisation in England and has helped more than 5,000 artists with this fundamental means of support. Acme currently receives funding as an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), but will be financially self-sustaining without the future requirement for public funding after March 2015.



Bow Arts Studios / 彩虹藝術工作室

Bow Arts Studios is the artist studio provider for emerging artists. They recognise both the needs and economies of recent graduates and artists at the early stages of their careers and reflect this in the provision of their artist studios and LiveWork accommodation.  They also offer opportunities to artists through their employment of artist educators and opportunities to exhibit, showcase their work and engage with other professionals. They have a solid 15 year track record of providing affordable workspace for a wide range of visual artists and creative practitioners. They currently manage over 100,000 sq ft of artist studios and LiveWork accommodation for approximately 400 artists, in over 250 studios in four sites in East and South East London, they also manage over 70 LiveWork flats across 8 sites in east London, in the heart of what is becoming London’s Artist Quarter.



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