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Artistic Spaces / 藝術的空間

Artistic Spaces is a small company founded by two Central St Martins graduates. Formed in 2010 Artistic Spaces has spaces available to creatives at affordable rates without the long and sometimes costly contracts associated with most commercial space, since its beginnings, the company has expanded from its origins in Brockley, near Goldsmiths University, to Hackney in East London and throughout the Bermondsey area in South East London. They currently have over 60 studios.



Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA)


SFSA is a London-based social enterprise company and membership organisation that supports the development of visual and fine art practice and craft and designer making by providing affordable studios and workshop spaces to its members. They currently have a membership of over 350 artists, craft makers and designers ranging from recent graduates, emerging artists and makers to long established practitioners. Founded by Matthew Wood in 1997, SFSA was established as a direct response from personal struggles to find affordable studio space locally in South East London.

SFSA是一家位於倫敦的社區企業和會員制組織,支持視覺藝術、手工業和設計產業的發展與實踐,為會員提供價格合理的工作室空間。目前他們有超過350位會員,包括藝術家、手工藝者和設計師,他們中既有剛剛畢業的學生,也有正在蓬勃發展的新星,還有很多資深的從業者。SFSA由馬修·伍德(Matthew Wood)于1997年創立,其形成的初衷便是因為馬修·伍德個人經歷──在倫敦東南尋找合理價位工作室過程中的種種糾結。


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