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Great Western Studios / 西倫敦工作室

Great Western Studios is a place for the creative industries to flourish. It is an inspirational work environment, where individuals and small businesses can meet, network and grow.
They offer purpose-designed spaces, facilities and the atmosphere and expertise that make working within the building a stimulating and exciting opportunity. The building is made up of 104 studios.



Wimbledon Art Studios


Wimbledon Art Studios is a unique creative community based in South West London consisting of 227 individual studios providing a professionally managed creative environment for over 240 artists. It is one of the largest single site art studio complexes in Britain.
Their bespoke art studio complex comprises of two separate buildings known as the Red Studios & Blue Studios. The Red Studios was established in 1993 within a working paper warehouse and initially opened with 6 artists renting studio space alongside the paper business. Today, the specifically altered warehouse spans three floors providing 173 individual studio spaces of various shapes and sizes; The Blue Studios was purposely built in 2007 specifically as art studios. It spans four floors, providing 54 studio spaces.




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