Strangers: Daido Moriyama and Hiroshi Sugimoto

Strangers(1*): Daido Moriyama and Hiroshi Sugimoto   “Each instant covers the entire world.” Dogen: Shobogen “每個瞬間都包含了整個宇宙的無限。” ——道元禪師《正眼法藏》 It is not often that two major exhibitions of two artists of the same media, of the same nationality and approximate maturity occur in the same city at the same time with such contrasting outcomes. Indeed, what might

Interview with Thierry Noir: Painting a World Where Imagination Breaks Down Walls

Two years ago, serendipity led me to discover the captivating world of Thierry Noir’s artwork at an esteemed auction house. Since then, I’ve been following his artistic journey. Noir’s oeuvre spans from the realm of mural art to canvas paintings that exude boundless energy and rhythmic music. His artworks often feature anonymous figures with circular

Thierry Noir:Techno

  Christie’s 28th September – 2nd October 2023   This autumn, Christie’s presents “Thierry Noir: Techno,” an immersive installation by the iconic Berlin artist Thierry Noir that is infused with music-inspired creativity. This remarkable exhibition is a collaborative effort with London’s legendary nightclub, Fabric. Thierry Noir began his artistic journey when he relocated from France

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)

22 February – 3 December 2023 Lightroom, King’s Cross   Designed by 59 Productions in collaboration with Haworth Tompkins, Lighroom in King’s Cross is a sister space to the award-winning Bridge Theatre. This is London’s newest home for artist-led shows and the current host of the immersive exhibition “David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller

Interview with Evan Pricco: Constant Conversation between Street and Gallery

Beyond the Streets London Saatchi Gallery 17 February  – 9 May 2023   Unveiled in February, Beyond the Streets London, supported by Adidas Originals, presents a resplendent display of over 100 international artists’ creations, ranging from audacious train writers to esteemed large-scale muralists. This unparalleled exhibition, which encompasses all three floors of the renowned Saatchi Gallery

Interview with Erin Li——From Shadow to Spotlight : Women Artists and Global Abstraction

Action, Gesture, Paint: Women Artists and Global Abstraction 1940-70 Whitechapel Gallery 9 February – 7 May 2023   The Whitechapel Gallery is showcasing a major collection of 150 paintings created by 81 women artists from around the world. This exhibition focuses on the gestural abstraction movement that emerged after the Second World War and highlights

Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons
Mike Nelson: 逝去的召喚

Hayward Gallery 02 Feb – o7 May 2023   The Hayward Gallery is currently showcasing a survey exhibition of large-scale immersive installations and sculptural works by acclaimed British artist Mike Nelson, titled “Extinction Beckons.” This exhibition features psychologically charged installations that transport viewers into captivating fictional worlds with a resemblance to our own. Nelson, who

Omar El Lahib

Omar El Lahib Saatchi Yates 26th January – 15th March 2023 A new 12,000 sqft gallery space in the center of St James has been launched by Saatchi Yates, showcasing a collection of new paintings by Lebanese artist Omar El Lahib, currently based in Cologne. Featuring more than 18 large-scale paintings, El Lahib’s solo exhibition


TATE BRITAIN 18 May – 16 October 2022   Tate Britain presents the first major survey of Cornelia Parker’s works held in London. One of Britain’s leading contemporary artists, Parker is responsible for some of the most unique and unforgettable artworks of the past thirty years. Driven by curiosity, Parker transforms seemingly everyday objects into

Liste Art Fair Basel 2022
2022 瑞士巴塞爾 Liste 藝術博覽會

Messe Basel, Hall 1.1 13 – 19 June 2022 The renowned Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland attracts unrivalled attention from the art world every year, but right next door sits Liste, an art hub just as worth exploring. Liste Art Fair Basel 2022 took place for the second time in Hall 1.1 of Messe Basel,

Yage Guo: The Moth Disturbs The Night

Yage Guo was born in Inner Mongolia in 1998 and raised in Shanghai. She currently lives and works in London. Between 2017-2022, she studied at Slade School of Fine Art in the UK, where she completed her undergraduate and master’s study. Guo’s practice includes oil painting, printmaking, book making and pencil drawing. With a sensual

Art Basel 2022
2022 瑞士巴塞爾藝術展

Messe Basel 16-19 June 2022   Despite a stalled global economic recovery in the wake of the epidemic, turmoil in financial markets, severe setbacks in crypto markets and staggering inflation in many developed countries, the art market performed surprisingly well in the midst of the economic downturn. The three major auction houses posted a year-on-year

Francis Bacon: Man and Beast
弗朗西斯·培根: 人與獸

英國皇家藝術學會正在舉辦的展覽是《Francis Bacon: Man and Beast (弗朗西斯·培根:人與獸)》。這是第一個以培根對動物的迷戀為線索來追溯他作品發展的歷程,並探討‘‘獸’’是如何影響他處理其終極對象 — ‘‘人’’的展覽。弗朗西斯·培根 (Francis Bacon)(1909 – 1992)被認為是20世紀最重要的藝術家之一。自他去世後,世界朝著他那令人不安的作品中所預知方向發展。他作品中的預見性被再次印證。本次重量級展覽將展出培根46件傑出畫作,跨度為他的整個職業生涯, 涵蓋從20世紀30年代到40年代間的早期作品, 到他在1991年創作的最後一幅畫。這幅最後的作品是首次在英國公開展出。創作於1969年的鬥牛圖三聯也是第一次合體展出在本展覽。

Van Gogh Self-Portraits

The Courtauld Gallery 3 February –8 May 2022   The first ever exhibition devoted to Vincent van Gogh’s self-portraits across his entire career will take place at The Courtauld Gallery from 3 February – 8 May 2022. Van Gogh Self-Portraits takes as its springboard Van Gogh’s iconic Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, one of the most

Andreas Gursky: Redefining Photography

2018年1月25日,德國著名當代攝影藝術家安德烈斯•古爾斯基的首次英國大型回顧展在倫敦海沃德畫廊舉辦,此次展出了他藝術生涯近40年來的60幅作品,也包括其以430萬美元創下過最貴攝影作品拍賣紀錄的《Rhein II 》,倫敦海沃德畫廊主策展人——2019年威尼斯雙年展主策展人拉爾夫·魯格夫親自為你講解這位藝術家和他的藝術是如何重新定義了攝影在藝術史當中的地位。 On January 25, 2018, the famous German contemporary photography artist Andres Gursky’s first large-scale retrospective exhibition in the UK was held at Hayward Gallery in London. It exhibited 60 works of his artistic career in the last 40 years, also includes “Rhein II”, which had set a record auction price of the ...

All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life

A landmark exhibition at Tate Britain on 28th February 2018, celebrates how artists have captured the intense experience of life in paint. All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life will showcase around 100 works by some of the most celebrated modern British artists, with Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon at its heart. It will reveal how their art ...

Who is Banksy: Uncover the Mystery of the Identity of the Most Mysterious Artist

咱們今天呢,來講講藝術家班克西(Banksy) 這些節目的題目可能很多小夥伴會覺得不是很雅觀 但我也是想了好長時間,我覺得 用一個形容詞來形容班克西這樣的藝術家 “牛X”二字是再恰當不過了 可能很多小夥伴並不知道這個班克西是幹啥的 2010年的時候,他被時代周刊評為了一百位現在 世界上最有影響力的人物 其中這一百位當中還有雷帝嘎嘎啊,還有奧巴馬這樣的人物 當時特別有意思,這個時代周刊找他要一張照片 然後他秉承了自己一貫的作風,不露臉 所以他就給了這麽樣的一張照片 就是一個頭戴紙袋,還畫了個笑臉的 一個很俏皮的圖片就發給他們了 我先給大家發一些他的作品出來給大家看一看 可能很多人一見到他的作品就會恍然大悟 哦,就是這個藝術家,他就是班克西 其實班克西這些年來在全球範圍內已經有了很高的聲譽 十年前,他在英國已經是一個家喻戶曉的一個藝術家了 是一個家喻戶曉的不知名的藝術家 一直以來,他也是非常神秘莫測,只是用班克西 這麽樣一個名字而被眾人所熟知 所有知道他身份的這些人呢,也都小心翼翼地保護著他的身份 而班克西的這個名字也成為了一個英國真實的都市傳說 我們先看看他的作品啊,看看他的所做所為 看著他為什麽這麽受人們的追捧 然後我們在這個節目的最後會給大家揭秘 這個班克西的真實身份 剛剛看了這些塗鴉作品,如果你要是覺得 他就是這麽一個畫塗鴉的小混混 那就大錯特錯了,太小看他了 他早期的時候確實是以塗鴉起家的 但後來他就發現他的作品,被各種拍賣,然後各種的變現 而他覺得這種行為違反了他自己作為一個塗鴉者的初衷 而且他也沒收到一分錢 所以,他的作品在藝術市場上,被倒買倒賣的不亦樂乎 所以那之後,他畫的這個塗鴉呢就越來越少了 但他玩其他的藝術形式卻玩的是越來越多 什麽行為藝術,裝置藝術啊,都是他信手捏來的表現手法 但之所以他的作品被人們猶如宗教崇拜一般的追捧 是因為他每一次的作品或者是行為,總是讓我們超乎想象 毀我們三觀的同時又讓你大呼過癮 而且好多他的作品根本沒法用現在既有的藝術定義來涵蓋 或者根本沒法說怎麽去定義他做的到底是什麽東西 去年年底的時候,班克西玩了一把大的,然後大火了一把 他的作品在2018年10月5號倫敦的蘇富比拍賣會上 《氣球女孩(Girl with the Red Balloon)》這件作品 拍出了一百零四萬兩千英鎊的高價 這差不多得一千多萬人民幣的價格 然後就在這個拍賣結束落錘了這一瞬間,警報聲大作 在眾目睽睽之下,這件這件作品就開始緩緩的下落 ...

Marc Quinn: Under the Skin

CAFA Art Museum 8 March – 24 April 2019 中國中央美術學院美術館  2019年3月8日至4月 24日 CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, will present a selection of the work of the acclaimed British artist Marc Quinn this March. One of the leading artists of his generation, Quinn’s work explores recurring themes of art and science; the human body; emotion; and the perception

Book Review: ‘Avant-Garde’ Art Groups in China, 1979-1989 by Paul Gladston

作者:龔之允 發佈時間:20 Feb 2017       In 2013, Prof. Paul Gladston (University of Nottingham) published ‘Avant-Garde’ Art Groups in China, 1979-1989, an English art history monograph focuses on the originality of contemporary Chinese art. There are a few publications about the avant-garde art groups in the 1980s China, for instance The ’85 Movement (2


Text by 撰文 x Sophie Guo郭笑菲



專訪查爾斯·佩逖倫   8月27日,法國藝術家查爾斯·佩逖倫(Charles Pétillon)在倫敦考文特花園(Covent Garden)的大型裝置作品《心跳(Heartbeat)》正式揭幕,10萬個氣球組成的作品如一朵“白雲”懸置於整個考文特花園市場內,來自世界各地的遊客將在一個月的時間內體驗這座擁有200年曆史的建築群所呈現的不同以往的夢幻體驗。 考文特花園市場的藝術委託項目一直以來都非常引人注目,很多世界知名藝術家都與他們有過合作,比如英國藝術家逹明·赫斯特(Damien Hirst)和美國藝術家傑夫·昆斯(Jeff Koons)都曾在這裡展示他們的大型互動藝術裝置作品,除了這些“大腕兒”藝術家之外,其他還有很多牛人也參與過這裡的項目,比如《五十度灰》的導演薩姆·泰勒(Sam Taylor-Johnson),塗鴉大師班克西(Banksy),設計師保羅·考克賽治(Paul Cocksedge)等等等等。     此次佩逖倫是他第一次在法國之外創作大型的裝置作品,同時他希望通過將考文特花園的歷史風貌與他的創作相結合,來創造一種生命律動的氣場,讓人們感受這裡所充滿的生命氣息和歷史記憶。   ART.ZIP:可不可以給我們介紹一下您這次在倫敦展出作品的來龍去脈? CP:我是一位攝影師,也是一位視覺藝術家,幾個月前,考文特花園市場的運營方找到我,問我願不願意為這裡量身定做一件公共裝置作品,我知道考文特花園是非常知名的市場也是倫敦最受歡迎的景點,所以我接受了他們的邀約,於是開始調研和構思如何創作一件和這裡的環境相契合的藝術作品。我對考文特花園這個區域的歷史非常感興趣,這些古老的建築改變了整個區域的景觀和規劃,而同時,這裡又是倫敦潮流和現代生活方式的策源地,因此,我決定用一種方式來將這裡古老的記憶和現代的氣息鏈接起來,讓人們能夠意識到這裡承載的過往歷史以及它現在所代表的時尚生活。 ART.ZIP:為什麼要採用白色氣球作為創作的主要材料呢? CP:其實很簡單,因為我特別喜歡這個材料,世界上絕大部份的人都能一眼看出這是什麼東西,不管是大人還是孩子,不論是中國人還是英國人,白色氣球這個媒介不需要過多的闡釋和說明,大家都能看懂,而且不會有誤解。白色氣球看上去非常廉價,不像鑽石和黃金那樣耀眼奪目,但氣球非常的平易近人,能讓更多人欣賞和接近。 ART.ZIP:這件作品在造型上有什麼樣的考慮嗎? CP:第一眼看上去應該會讓人想到是一朵雲彩吧,在晚上的話,你可以看到裡面光線的變化,這是一件有呼吸和心跳的作品,也是在喚醒人們對周邊那些看似毫無生機的事物進行重新認識的必要。 ART.ZIP:您也是一位攝影師,您是如何看待藝術家和攝影師與商業品牌進行跨界合作的? CP:我以前是一位商業攝影師,但是我有我自己的藝術項目,我所參與的藝術項目和商業項目是分開的,我的商業性的攝影作品不會干擾我自己的藝術創作,這兩部份是割裂的,也有很多品牌希望用我的藝術作品來推廣他們的作品,但是我都拒絕了,因為藝術作品是用來提出問題的,是關於你我的生活的,而僅僅從形式上來挪用于商業目的話,就失去了它本來的意義了。我希望用自己的商業作品來賺錢,但我創作的藝術作品是去商業化的。      

Henry Moore – Back to a Land
亨利·摩爾 — 回歸大地

“亨利摩爾—回歸大地 ” (Henry Moore: Back to a Land) 特展於今年春夏蒞臨約克郡雕塑公園 (Yorkshire Sculpture Park)。2015年3月7日—9月6日間訪者可在摩爾的故鄉看到他一系列各尺寸, 媒介, 室內與室外的作品,以及工作室陳列和攝影回顧。本次特展展出亨利摩爾藝術生涯共120件作品,以全新的角度看待摩爾與大地母親,他熱愛的土地間的緊密聯系。

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye selects from the V-A-C collection

Natures, Natural and Unnatural 17 Mar – 14 Jun Whitechaple Gallery Turner Prize nominated artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye (b.1977) known for her striking figurative paintings of imagined characters, selects works inspired by nature from the V-A-C collection. Celebrating the arrival of Spring is Natures, Natural and Unnatural, a display that uses nature as inspiration in different

Inventing Impressionism

4 March – 31 May 2015 National Gallery   So universally popular are the Impressionists today, it’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t. But in the early 1870s they struggled to be accepted. Shunned by the art establishment, they were even lambasted as ‘lunatics’ by one critic. One man, however, recognised their worth

Roman Signer: Slow Movement

4 March 2015 – 31 May 2015 The Curve at Barbican Internationally renowned for sculptural installations and video works, Swiss artist Roman Signer presents Slow Movement, a new installation for the Curve using the kayak, a longstanding symbol and form in his work for three decades. Specifically made for this show, a kayak navigates the

Leon Golub: Bite Your Tongue

Serpentine Gallery 4 Mar ﹣17 May 2015 Serpentine Galleries presents Leon Golub: Bite Your Tongue at the Serpentine Gallery. This survey exhibition of the American figurative painter, his first in London since 2000, highlights key aspects of the artist’s oeuvre from the 1950s until his death in 2004.

Contemporary Art and Design at Bonhams

撰文 Elaine Yu 世界三大拍賣行之一的邦翰斯 ‘1793建立’當代藝術與設計(FOUNDED 1793 – Contemporary Art and Design) 拍賣將於2015年1月28日格林威治時間16時於倫敦邦德街舉行。   本次拍賣有大量街頭藝術家班克斯(Banksy)的限量版絲織印刷作品。班克斯的粉絲們有望在拍賣中拍得屬於自己的大師簽名藏品。如2003年作品“扔花的人”(Flower Thrower)估價8千英鎊—1萬2千英鎊。紅色的背景下是一個看似恐怖主義或英國憤青的小夥,用投出炸彈的姿勢準備扔出一束代表著愛的花。2007年作品“傻x(白色)”Morons, (White) 估價4千—6千英鎊。本作品生動的描繪了拍賣場上全神貫註的各界人士,拍賣員似乎在人們畫面裏看不到的地方與某人交流著,拍賣數值不清晰但似乎已經顯示是天價了。作品是一個古典畫框裏的一段話 — “我可真想不到你們這群傻x 會買這種東西”。 邦翰斯別出心裁地在班克斯作品旁邊陳列了大量與他的藝術作品與藝術展有關的裝置作品“十年的蜉蝣”(A Decade Of Ephemera),估價3千– 5千英鎊。 設計預展中中國藝術家史金淞與王慶松的椅子備受矚目。兩件作品都是為2007年邁阿密巴塞爾藝術展指定藝術項目椅子項目(Chair project)特殊定制的,它們來源於該藝博會,是20件限量版中的其中一件。史金淞的作品名稱為“通過審判進行再教育” (Re-education through Inquisition),估價1萬-1萬5千英鎊。王慶松的作品名為“堅果,球,與一切美好事物”(Nuts and Balls and All Things Nice),估價1萬5千 — 2萬英鎊。 此外,中國籍藝術家作品還有艾未未的2014年作品“藝術版”(Art Edition)2014,這個放在大理石上,被仔細包好的書籍裝置估價6千–8千英鎊。加拿大籍華裔藝術家許漢威(Terence Koh)2005年作品“午夜雪花女士雙死亡星之旅(我一次又一次毀滅的彗星,之二)”The Voyage of Lady Midnight Snowdrops Through Double Death Star (the Comet I Destroyed Again

Adventures of the Black Square

Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915 – 2015   15 January – 6 April 2015, Galleries 1, 8 & Victor Petitgas Gallery (Gallery 9) A major new exhibition tracing a century of Abstract art from 1915 to today is on show at the Whitechapel Gallery from 15 January 2015. It brings together


The exhibition brings together 250 works by 110 artists from China, the Former Soviet Union, Taiwan, the UK and the USA in a comprehensive survey celebrating Pop Art’s legacy. Post Pop: East Meets West examines why of all the twentieth century’s art movements, Pop Art has had such a powerful influence over artists from world


撰文:王梓存 在日常生活中,筆者會在私人筆記或是手劄上塗鴉並附上做註之時正在發生的趣事, 這種喜好應該不是太過孤僻。為“公事”添上“私情”做腳註,讓事情還有另一種面容, 見證了生活的真實和存在。而藝術品呢,除開在櫥窗和展臺時的姿態之外,它們是否也有別的樣子; 你是否也曾好奇過它們是如何誕生的。近期, 昆士蘭州首府布裏斯本市的當代藝術博物館(GOMA)為觀眾們呈現了一出滿足隱秘好奇心的展覽。 TRACE, 意為雪泥鴻爪,一言以蔽之,這次展覽的目的在於展示和藝術作品們有關的故事。在展覽入口,TRACE對觀眾們說了這樣一段話:藝術作品的存在即是存在,存在也是故事本身。但若藝術品只作為存在而存在,我們怎樣去為藝術品朔源(TRACE)? 此時,若是藝術品以存在的姿態再添加了新的故事,那麽觀眾們便有可能通過一種不同的方式邂逅藝術品並獲得迥異的感知。這種方式可以是銀幕、照片、文檔甚至只是第三人的重述。TRACE 提煉出了在作品和作品的檔案之間的曖昧關系,展覽闡述了藝術品除去以朝生暮死的姿態存在於展館中之外的存在:他們存在;他們消逝;繼而他們再次存在,以多種不同的形式。   入口處的標識提醒著觀眾們,這並不是一個老少鹹宜白水煮菜的清淡展覽。標識的關鍵詞是裸露與暴力。 展覽分為五個部分,第一部分名為藝術檔案(Performance and its documents),也就是TRACE的副標題。這部分展覽的重點是展現藝術品和一切有關它們的故事,並揭示個體的行為活動在日常的生活境遇中轉化為藝術品的過程。在此過程中,藝術家本人或是他人的軀體既作為主體也作為客體存在。 美國行為藝術家Allan Kaprow在1989年曾完成過一個名為“為了激浪派的榮譽”(In honor to fluxus)的作品。1989年的一個清晨,藝術家和他的朋友們相聚在波恩市, 這些藝術家們每人都從一雙舊鞋中找到一只並系在腰上,接著他們就分頭行動,每人都系著舊鞋在波恩市暴走了一天。待到夜晚,朋友們再相聚並聊起他們遇到的故事。圖為Allan Kaprow的手稿以及暴走中的花絮,照片由德國攝影師Wolfgang Trager拍攝。   瑞典藝術家Bengt af Klintberg以1963的“橘子事件3號”(Orange event no.3)、1965年的“冰中展”(Ice exhibition)、1970年的“斯德哥爾摩街道的清掃事件”(Street cleaning event in Stockholm)、1979年的“為Arthur Köpcke的公文包效忠”(Homage to Arthur Köpcke portfolio)和1991年的“認同練習”(Identification exercise)而聞名。以下是這些作品的手稿與花絮。在手稿中,藝術家透露了許多創作動機和表現手法,例如在“橘子事件3號中”,藝術家希望通過解構橘子的形態來表達將圓轉化為線的意願。 美國藝術家Carolee Schneemann是過去四十年中行為藝術家的代表人物,她矗立於行為藝術家的中央位置。同時,她大概也是1970年代最有名的女權主義者。時值70年代,各種不同流派的藝術家們紛紛用各異的方式表達著他們對激進派和好戰派的叛逆,而Scheemann則將她對政治的不滿與女權主義和行為藝術三者融為一體,用姣好的身姿上演絕決的反抗——1972年的驚世之作“裸體滑冰”(Ice naked skating)。冰凍的客體與溫柔的主體,連接他們的則是一只鋒利而搖擺的刀。照片由美國攝影師Anthony McCall拍攝。 圖為三位美國藝術家Dennis Oppenheim、John Baldessari和William Wegman的“白楊計劃”(Aspen Project)、“我在做藝術”(I am making art)和“眩暈4”(Reel 4)三個作品的花絮。

Frieze Art Fair 2014

Frieze London 2014: Strong Presentations and New Design make an Energetic 12th Edition At the close of the 12th edition of Frieze London, participating galleries and visitors gave praise for the fair’s energy and applauded Universal Design Studio’s intelligent approach to the new layout. This year, Frieze London brought 162 galleries from 25 territories under


MIRRORCITY explores the effect the digital revolution has had on our experiences. London is one of the world’s centres for contemporary art. MIRRORCITY shows recent work and new commissions by key emerging and established artists working in the capital today, who seek to address the challenges, conditions and consequences of living in a digital age. JG Ballard

Alighiero Boetti: i Colori

Luxembourg & Dayan is pleased to present an exhibition of post-war conceptual artist Alighiero Boetti’s i Colori series. The exhibition brings together one of his most significant bodies of works in a unique presentation, including an unprecedented display of Boetti’s seminal works ROSSO GILERA 60 1232, ROSSO GUZZI 60 1305 in their multiple incarnations. “Some

Fiona Banner: Killer Beasts

From the North of England, Fiona Banner was born in 1966, and attended Kingston University in the late 1980’s, before going onto Goldsmiths College, London in 1990. She had her first solo show at City Racing; (1994), an artist run space in South London. And in 1995 was included in General Release: Young British Artists,

Studio in Contemporary Art

TEXT BY 撰文 x Peng Zuqiang 彭祖強 It’s interesting to think about how the subject of ‘studio’ has been addressed in contemporary art practices. Studio as a place of making art work, is therefore also the very subject of an artwork. However, presenting Self-reflexivity through a representation of the studio is frequent, without offering a


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