Souk, Derivatives, Simulation: The World Created in Art

  Text and Images by 撰文 x U. Kanad Chakrabarti 尤.卡納德·查克拉巴蒂 Translated by 翻譯 x Jay, Chun-Chieh Lai 賴駿杰 Michelle Yu 余小悅   My studio is a place of clashes: imperfection and chaos in close proximity to the comparatively ethereal praxis that is digital video-editing.  The resistance of physical materials gives rise to surprises, accidents,

Monochrome: Painting in Black and White

Kazimir Malevich Black Square, 1929 Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm © The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

This autumn, the National Gallery presents a journey through a world of shadow and light: Monochrome: Painting in Black and White. With more than fifty painted objects created over 700 years, it is a radical new look at what happens when artists cast aside the colour spectrum and focus on the visual power of black,

Tove Jansson

Dulwich Picture Gallery will present the first major UK retrospective of work by one of the most celebrated illustrators of the 20th century, Tove Jansson (1914-2001).

South Asia Art and Culture Programme

This September Manchester’s cultural institutions welcome leading South Asian and British artists of South Asian descent in a celebration of shared heritage and historic connections through a series of exhibitions and performances across the city. Marking the 70th anniversary of the creation of India, Pakistan and later Bangladesh, eight exhibitions present both new and seminal

Qu Leilei

Leading Chinese artist Qu Leilei will show new work in an autumn exhibition in the Ashmolean’s Chinese Paintings Gallery.  

Dalí / Duchamp
達利 / 杜尚

Dalí / Duchamp is the first exhibition to present the art of two of the twentieth century’s most famous artists in exclusive dialogue.

Mind the Gap

Mind The Gap is the second collaboration between Banana Jam and ArtSalon+ in Shenzhen, and brings together 14 contemporary artists based in China, Europe, and the UK, who represent the very best artistic talent in their chosen mediums.

Recent Researches and Exhibitions on Ming Dynasty Porcelain Outside China

第一部分:大英博物館、大維德基金會的明瓷;海內外明代文物或瓷器展 圖1:蓮子碗,大英博物館藏品 明代瓷器在全世界一直享有崇高聲譽(圖1:蓮子碗,大英博物館藏品),相關英文專著及帶研究文章的展覽收藏圖錄等屢有出版。有關明瓷的英文研究,大體而言似乎分為兩大主流,一為對世界各地博物館館藏明瓷尤其是官窯瓷器的著錄與研究,涉及到斷代、與中國及世界各地公私收藏或出土類似明瓷的對比分析(圖2:蓮子碗,吳賚熙藏品),及有關的陶瓷史、宮廷藝術、美術史研究等(圖3:魚藻紋洗)。另外一條主線更側重貿易史的研究,例如從景德鎮、福建等窯各種明代瓷器在全球各地陸上、水下考古發現及傳世品研究,來探討中國與東亞、東南亞遠及歐美等地有關的貿易體系、網絡及全球貿易等問題。這種不同的研究重點僅是相對而言的,實際上鮮有學者會專注於一點而不及其餘。 圖2: 青花蓮子碗,吳賚熙藏品   圖3:鱼藻纹葵式洗 就筆者所知廣為參引的英文明瓷收藏圖錄,有大英博物館霍吉淑女士(Jessica Harrison-Hall)撰寫的該館館藏元代後期及明代瓷器圖錄《Catalogue of Late Yuan and Ming Ceramics in the British Museum (The British Museum Press, 2001) 》。霍吉淑女士為大英博物館中國部主任,從2016起兼任英國東方陶瓷學會會長。 此書已經絕版,甚難覓得,所幸近來由故宮出版社組織人員辛勞翻譯為中文,由大英博物館和故宮請筆者與故宮博物院器物部主任呂成龍研究員審核。在有限的時間內以極大功夫,按照輕重緩急修正初譯稿中大量翻譯問題後,於2014年出版,是很難得的學術資料,中文書名《大英博物館藏中國明代陶瓷》,趙偉、陳誼、文微譯;李寶平、呂成龍審校,上下冊(圖4)。 圖4上:《大英博物館藏中國明代陶瓷》 圖4下:《大英博物館藏中國明代陶瓷》   另外大維德中國藝術基金會(Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art)也藏有很多明瓷。大維德爵士藏品本在倫敦大學常年展出,後由何鴻卿爵士資助,在大英博物館95號展廳建成何鴻卿爵士陶瓷研究中心,於2009年全部轉到大英博物館該展廳展出,同年大英博物館出版社出版精品小集The British Museum Chinese Ceramics: Highlights of the Sir Percival David Collection,康蕊君(Regina Krahl)及霍吉淑合著,包括珍稀明代瓷器。康蕊君女士也曾任職大英博物館,為霍吉淑之前的東方陶瓷學會會長;曾為土耳其托普卡普博物館(Topkapi Saray Museum)撰寫館藏中國陶瓷圖錄。該書中譯者包括黃薇女士(與黃清華為景德鎮東郊學堂聯合創辦人伉儷)、倫敦“藝術亞洲”公司譚圓圓女士、北京正觀堂梁曉新先生等;經康蕊君和霍吉淑及大英博物館請筆者審核,2013年由“藝術亞洲”公司及北京的文物出版社聯合出版(圖5)。 圖5:《大英博物館大維德爵士藏中國陶瓷精選》 此外大英博物館於2014年底舉辦大型展覽“Ming: 50 Years That Changed

Zhang Ding: Enter the Dragon
張鼎: 龍爭虎鬥

  EDITED BY  編輯 x QIWEN KE 柯淇雯 TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 x NICHOLAS ANDERSON 尼古拉斯·安德森   K11 Art Foundation (KAF) and Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) jointly presented the first solo UK institutional exhibition of Chinese artist Zhang Ding, entitled Enter the Dragon. The exhibition consisted of an installation that directly references the final scene from

Unstable Media: A Conversation with Art Curator Hannah Redler

Interviewed and text by 採訪及撰文 x Nils Jean 尼爾斯·吉恩 Translated by 翻譯 x Cai Sudong 蔡蘇東   Hannah Redler is a curator of cross-disciplinary projects between art, photography, science and technology. Prior to her current role as associate art curator for the Open Data Institute, Hannah was Head of Science Museum Arts Programme from 2005-2014.

20th Anniversary of Zabludowicz Collection: Interview with Elizabeth Neilson

Edited by 編輯 x Ke Qiwen 柯淇雯 Translated by 翻譯 x Cai Sudong 蔡蘇東   The Zabludowicz Collection, founded in 1994 by Poju and Anita Zabludowicz, is dedicated to fostering new audiences and a sustainable environment for contemporary art. The Collection contains over 3,000 works of art by more than 500 artists, spanning four decades

Graffiti with Sound and Light: Interview with Mark Lyken

INTERVIEW BY 採訪 X HARRY LIU 劉競晨 TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 X CAI SUDONG 蔡蘇東 IMAGES COURTESY OF 圖片提供 X SONICA 聲音藝術節   Mark Lyken is an artist, filmmaker and composer based in rural Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland. Utilizing his gifts as a musician as well as a painter, he now creates observational film, music,

Sculpting Sound: Interview with Herman Kolgen

INTERVIEW BY 採訪 X HARRY LIU 劉競晨 TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 X CAI SUDONG 蔡蘇東 IMAGES COURTESY OF 圖片提供 X SONICA 聲音藝術節   Herman Kolgen is an acclaimed multidisciplinary artist with more than two decades of experience on the international media arts scene. As an audiokinetic sculptor, he draws his inspiration from the intimate relationship between

Interview with Omar Kholeif on Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966)

INTERVIEWED AND TEXT BY 採訪及撰文 X NILS JEAN,SOPHIE GUO 郭笑菲 TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 x JOSHUA GONG 龔之允 HARRY LIU 劉競晨 IMAGES COURTESY OF X WHITECHAPEL GALLERY 白教堂畫廊     Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966) at the Whitechapel Gallery is a recap of the history of Internet art from 1966 to the present day. The show brings together

Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic

In spring 2017, the National Gallery presents ‘The Caged Bird’s Song’, a new tapestry by Turner Prize-winning artist Chris Ofili. The exhibition marks the first time the artist has worked in the medium of tapestry and includes a series of preparatory works on paper in an installation conceived by the artist for the Gallery’s Sunley Room.

Matisse in the Studio

This summer, the Royal Academy of Arts presents Matisse in the Studio, the first exhibition to consider how the personal collection of treasured objects of Henri Matisse (1869-1954) were both subject matter and inspiration for his work. To reveal the working processes by which these pieces were transformed in his oeuvre, around 35 objects are displayed alongside 65 of Matisse’s paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and cut-outs.

Emma Hart: Mamma Mia!

Emma Hart, who won the sixth edition of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women, brings her large-scale installation Mamma Mia! into the Whitechapel Gallery. After a six-month bespoke residency in Italy, Hart presents a family of large ceramic, jug-like luminous heads, which are cut off below the nose but reveal a mouth that projects

RAPHAEL: The Drawings

120 works by Raphael from international collections shows at the Ashmolean from 1 June to 3 September 2017. The exhibition RAPHAEL: THE DRAWINGS includes fifty works from the Ashmolean’s own collection, which becomes the largest and most important group of Raphael drawings in the world.

A Handful of Dust

Whitechapel Gallery presents A Handful of Dust, bringing together artworks and documents, tracing a visual journey through the motif of dust from aerial reconnaissance, wartime destruction and natural disasters to domestic dirt and forensics.

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

Tate Modern presents an exhibition: Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power from 12 July to 22 October. Tracing a series of creative artworks among African-American artists form 1963 to 1983, featuring more than 150 works, many on display in the UK for the first time, Soul of a Nation provides an opportunity to see how American cultural identity was re-shaped at a time of social unrest and political struggle.

Beyond New Media Art

Text by 撰文 x Li Bowen 李博文   Like other books of similar titles – and the overwhelming abundance of publications as such in recent years is already a very telling fact – Domenico Quaranta attempts in the Beyond New Media Art  to define New Media Art in a clear, honest and innovative fashion, against


Glitch 失靈   Text by 撰文 x Andrew Witt Translated by 翻譯 x Jay 賴俊傑 Edited by 編輯 x Michelle Yu 余小悅   Glitch is a slang term. The earliest usage of the term was in the 1960s among astronauts to describe a technical hitch. The term signaled an unexpected malfunction. Astronaut John Glenn first

RA Schools Show 2017

From 22 June – 2 July 2017, 17 contemporary artists exhibit their works in the rarely-seen working studios at the heart of the Royal Academy. With previous years, the prestigious Royal Academy Schools show is sure to be a crowd-puller as it showcases the final projects of 17 art stars of the future.

Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave

In May of 2017, the British Museum will stage the first exhibition in the UK to focus on the later years of the life and art of Hokusai, featuring his iconic print The Great Wave of c. 1831 and continuing to the sublime painted works produced right up to his death at the age of 90.

documenta 14

June 10, 2017, the documenta 14 exhibition opens in Kassel. Over 160 international artists present works conceived for documenta 14 at more than thirty different sites, public institutions, squares, cinemas, and university locations.

Where They Hum

Habits assume the form of abstraction that treats the repeated instances of feelings or images as being all the same, thus forming categories.


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